A beautiful realisation of our cell-ves as solar star beings with access the to the wisdom of the ages thru the stars and the waters…

This wisdom is accessed thru the harmonic matrices of consciousness… following the patterns of creation… This 1320 Synchronometry is a perfect vessel for the ancient future wisdom that reprogrammes to harmony, making the choice to align to harmony and release the thousands of years of disharmonic power over constructs…

We are supported today by Solar Hand… Realising the healing of our connection to the abundance that our great mother Gaia gives to us every day… to realise this healing thru honouring the change that needs to open, to allow our collective mind to shift to our intuitive processes… the In-tuition that comes from connecting into the core crystal of our Earth mother and be guided by her wisdom, a wisdom that the indigenous peoples of the world have had a greater connection with… and it is time for the mother.

Todays challenge that strengthens is to breathe into this right alignment allowing the time and space to realise the incredible beauty available to us today, and paying heed to allow our communication to be direct from the big revelations of reflection that are available to us today, which means this is not a day for idle chatter… and anyway it is not really necessary to be said, as folk will not really feel like that today anyway.

Todays hidden gift is the energy of this year’s Red Overtone Moon… a good day to pay special attention to the prayer that can sooth, calm and heal the waters of the Earth in order to assure our survival… Also send those prayers to the waters of our own bodies, and also the fluid etheric threads that connect us to all water and all of life everywhere…

Today I will leave this open for anyone elses revelations and realisations and experiences… Enjoy the influence  this carries… Blessings


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  1. Awesome thank you. I am a solar human and this is what I needed to read. Its right and aligned perfectly with my life, thank you again for ur purpose in lak’ech.

    1. I recently discovered my Galactic Signature too is Yellow Solar Human. I love the song Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe-its always resonated with me, and long before I realized just what life path I am on, in more detail into middle age.

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