Here the primordial mother is present… Our capacity to birth anew from the depths of our beings, an instinctive urge for survival emerges from the Universal Waters of pure consciousness… The pure primal creation matrix connected to the liquid waters that connects all consciousness is born anew…

We are supported in this spiritual birth by Cosmic Mirror guided by the Wind in the wavespell of the Worldbridger… To be guided by the breath of spirit to reflect the essence of the pure geometry revealed thru ulitmate surrender… to allow ourselves to die and be reborn by stepping thru the doorway into the New….

The challenge that strengthens is Cosmic Monkey guided by the Eagle in the wavespell of the Storm… To trust the visions of change that we receive to guide us towards the magic of ultimate transformation…

The hidden gift is Magnetic Sun…. The light at the end of the tunnel, beckoning us home to Source… Bright shining lights attracted to the flame of consciousness, pure enlightenment, all one!!!


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