Hola Planetary Kin…

So today is a big day on the planet, with many of us making our way to sacred sights for ceremony, and many others listening to podcasts of ceremony… It is the New Time bearthing daily in our consciousness…

So today we manifest awakening through channeling the breath from the heart into the heart of the Earth and then up into the Sun, then the Galactic Sun – the 4th Sun (Hunab Ku), then into the 5th Universal Sun… This ought to lift our frequency collectively and assist in anchoring all the new frequency on the planet… What an amazing time we are living in… Communicating from our hearts with loved ones that we want to be close to today… Sing, dance, pray to great spirit from your heart, channeling messages of love from the divine feminine today…

We are supported by Red Planetary Earth, guided by the Serpent, in the wavespell of the Star… Manifesting a deep connection with the Earth, through allowing the Rainbow Serpent to come from deep within the Earths heart and up through our chakras from the base to the crown to the cosmos… Perfecting our capacity to listen to the Earth and be aware of the harmonic matrix, as the life force connects the web of beauty…

The challenge that strengthens today is Yellow Planetary Human, guided by the Sun, in the wavespell of the Night… Perfecting our independant will that manifests the dreaming of abundance for all beings… Choosing to manifest the brightest lightest in order to bring the light to the ancestors and manifest the wisdom guided by the Sun… Manifesting the dream through listening to the indigenous ones that know the importance of our Sun and any Sun as a portal to more expanded consciousness…

The hidden gift of this day is Blue SelfExisting Storm, guided by the Eagle, in the wavespell of the Warrior… to define the form of fearlessness as a creative mind that looks for solutions that bring the greatest change, especially transforming old thought forms that may hold energy locked up… to catalyse these thoughts into more creative options that enhance releasing fear… and encourage the Quest-i-on….

So beloved another powerful day of prayer and devotion to our dear Mother Earth, Pacha Mama… To physically pray, dance, sing, perform ceremony that allows spirit to honour the Earth we stand upon and the stars that our branches reach to, honouring that we have indeed come from there and are lucky enough to call Earth our home in these changing times… Have an awesome day, I know we will as 16 women doing ceremony and meditation at Chichen Itza all day… blessed be!!!


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  1. hello vasumi,
    Just tuning in from the red centre feeling full of love and reverence for u and for all. Loving my beautiful little daughter and finding the sacred in the everyday. Have a dance for me in that special place! So good to know you are there
    Big big love

    1. Hey Em… Just saw this comment, have to switch this so i get informed of comments… So great to hear from you and congratulations on your new Daughter!!!! How new?? you were so with me in Mexico, beloved, I related our Palenque tale a few times and received deeper understandings of course of all things… Sending you so much love from california now! Love u!!!

  2. Reminds me of,

    White Rythmic Dog

    Blue Western Castle of Burning

    Earth family- Polar Clan- Truth
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I organize in order to love

    Balancing loyalty

    I seal the process of heart

    With the rythmic tone of equality

    I am guided by my own power doubled

    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    VI 6 lovers

    11 (Da’ath)

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