Today is the beginning of the Wavespell (13 day cycle) of the Red Earth… The cycle of listening in order to navigate synchronicities in perfect timing… This cycle we look to what has been, to understand the now, to see what is coming in the evolving cycles of time… Red Earth aligns with Solar Prophetic Uranus, the out breath from our Sun towards the Galaxy, where Galactic Karma has been transmuted through journeying into the Sun and heads back out to the Galaxy, cleansed and cleared as higher evolutionary pulses of light…

Today is supported by White Magnetic Wind, self guided… As we listen, so spirit channels its messages through us… We become hollow bamboos that are the messengers of spirits songs… White Wind aligns with Galactic Karmic Uranus, the in breath from the Galaxy towards our Sun, where Galactic Karma targets the Sun for a quickening of clearing…

The challenge that strengthens today Blue Magnetic Hand, self guided… To attract healing, that allows us to accomplish all that is needed to be done for our selves and our Earth… Blue Hand aligns with Galactic Karmic Earth, the in breath from the Galaxy towards our Sun…

Todays hidden gift is Yellow Cosmic Seed, guided by the Star, in the wavespell of the Human… Transcending our presence as Free Will Humans, to focus on the potential of our-cell-ves as Star beings… Yellow Seed relates to Galactic Karmic Jupiter, the in breath from the Galaxy towards our Sun…

The addition today of the planetary alliances of each glyph is an interesting addition to the synchronic order and I will add the map of this for your research in the ‘Basics’ section of this blog…

Blessed be dear hearts and enjoy this ever expanding understanding as you live the Dreamspell and even more importantly, allow it to live you…



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  1. ~O)(O~NeWEARthNAUtillUS~

    ~…regarding the deep, complete, and continual renewal of all~

    ~JaguarJade13~ ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S” ~ ~”N’E’W”~ ~”E’A’R’T’H”~

    ~ my sesne negra ~ i am the dreamer ~ i am jaguarjade13 ~ i am now gifted by ~ His ~ ~ Grace ~ ~Her Glory ~~ i am holding the intention of `~


    ~ perfection ~ effortlessly ~

    ~ enabling me to understand the deepest majesty of love ~ now from the source within myself ~ i know that exactly what i need ~ will now come forth

    ~ from within myself ~ exactly when i need it ~ endlessly flowing opening my ~ Heart Mind ~ to a continually renewed vision within me of the ~

    ~ New Earth ~

    ~ from the One source of all known to me now ~as the Home Trust Bounty ~ an endless store of preciousness reflecting spirit power of true love ~

    ~ evermore endless source from within the Home Trust Bounty ~ producing all that anyone may need to see ~ the complete manifestation ~ and ~

    ~ renewal ~

    ~ of all life ~ revealing evermore deeply ~ the beauty of love ~ the truth of life ~ abundance ~ stored within the Sacred Heart Of GrandMother ~ now ~
    ~ evermore ~ emerging from within every Human Heart’Mind ~ so we may see Her Precious Sacred Dream Clearly ~ hearing Her Heart Song Sung ~

    ~ endlessly from within ~ the deepest most profound wonder of each of our Hearts ~ as a Child ~ Once ~ And Now ~ Forevermore! ~`

    ~ within my HeartMind i now know the truth ~ the New Earth ~ i have seen the New Time of The New Earth ~ i have seen how a new name ~ gives ~

    ~ Life A New Spirit ~

    ~ i have been given a vision ~ i have heard within myself the message ~

    ~ now is the New Time ~ The New Earth ~ ~ Known to All ~

    ~ ”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S” ~ ~ ”N’E’W” ~ ~ ”E’A’R’T’H” ~

    …evermore endlessly satisfying the needs wants and most of all the true desires of all sacred Humans…

    ~…this is my dream, now silently unfolding and infolding transforming all within the everything…awakening now…the new earth…the sacred dream…

    …turtle ‘eye’ land…~O)(O~

    ~ i am filled with this joy’full message vision revelation,

    fully understanding the nature of myself and life ~

    ~ i peacefully give myself and give way to this love ~

    ~ peaceraven ~
    ~ skywalkercosmico ~
    ~ slycoyote wink ~
    ~ JaguarJade13 ~

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