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In these Webinars, you will receive clear guidance on tracking the cycles of your life, simply. By devoting 5 mins a day, bringing awareness of each days energy, you are gifted contemplative revelation. Learn how to ‘decode’ yourself and the people in your life, receiving the benefit of the deeper meaning of life.

Bring your quest-i-ons and receive the Keys to unlocking harmonic consciousness. And begin the journey of deconstructing disharmony, in favor of a life full of the magic of synchronicity.

Along with these 2-part Webinars, you will receive a downloadable PDF of this years 13 Moon Journal for the RED COSMIC MOON. Plus a PDF of the Dreamspell Workbook that reveals how to follow the codes.

Supported to live in the flow of Natural Synchronicity.

We are in the 13th year of 13 years of Purification. A transcendent year of expansive awakening for the whole planet, with an increased need to be aware and responsible for the state of our Earth. 

Track the days to be more greatly attuned to the natural cues of the planet and the cosmos. With daily reminders of our connection to the weave and weft of life, the messages of the Earth become clearer, supporting us to survive and thrive!



11 Responses

    1. Hi Anna, just seeing your message, welcome to book a session or the Webinar can guide you through the process to follow natural time and the 13 Moon Calendar.. bless

    1. Hi Jade… there are many resources online, or you can look at the Webinars I offer, or the Tracking Time Codes book in my shop explains all the patterns from beginners to advanced to work your way through. Or a personal session gives a strong transmission of the codes as they relate to you while explaining how it all works…
      I hope this supports you… http://www.timewaves.org or the home site http://www.lawoftime.org

  1. Buna Vasumi sunt deosebit de incantat am.aflat de acest calendar complex de vreo trei ani și tot studiez …as dori mai multe documentații…resurse ..daca e posibil să-mi trimiteți pe mail in dispoziția timpului pe care îl.aveti …Seara minunata ..

    1. Hi Daniel… I suggest Tracking Time Codes, but all the work I do is in English… What is your language and we can find a website that has the info in your language, as I do English only… Unless you are also fluent in English, in which case I suggest Tracking Time Codes in the shop, or you can access it here – https://linktr.ee/timewaves
      also http://www.lawoftime.org, our mother site also has access to all different websites in different languages that are teaching the codes… bless

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