TimeWaves Site Instructions

Site Instructions

Welcome to the Mayan Dreamspell and the TimeWaves Site Instructions…

This is Home to a full set of archives written daily, over 4 years on particular days. This site can now be used to enquire deeper into any particular ‘Kin’ number or day in the Mayan Dreamspell  Tzolkin (13:20 Harmonic Matrix)…

You can use this to acquaint yourself with Purpose and Life Path, through revelations received on a particular day that is the same as your day of birth, or the day of birth of any people you know… Or on any particular birthday in your life, to contemplate the meaning for that particular year, or for a day you are planning an event for…

Following are the steps to take to explore this site more fully… 

Start Exploring

Find Your Galactic Signature

Find Your Galactic Signature & Kin Number or the same for any Given Date. e.g. Friends, Family, Events. This is called ‘Decoding‘.

(Find Mayan Dreamspell Calculator : iPhone 13:20Sync App; 

Android Dreamspell App)

Search the Archives

This Website has 5 years of Archives of the 260-Kin of the Mayan Dreamspell. These Archives are the Holy Grail of Mayan Dreamspell Astrology! Enter Kin Number below and receive revelations!

Discover Your Wavespell

Personal Session explores the Wavespell (13-Day Cycle) of Your Kin. Revealing Purpose, Support, Hidden Mastery and Challenging Energies for your Life, Your Current Year + Your Current 13-Year Cycle with the Tzolkin & 13 Moon Calendar.

Learn the Codes

Learn the Mayan DreamspellCalendar to Live a Sustainable Life attuned to the Natural Order. TimeWaves Webinars Include a PDF Workbook + a 13 Moon Calendar to Download.

Navigating the Mayan Dreamspell: Using Guidance Wisely

The warning here is to not fall into the trap of taking these writings as the be all and end all of your identity, or the identity of that day. The Mayan Dreamspell is an alive system, and each of the Kin evolves through time. So the suggestion is to use this as a guide, no more, no less, and most of all to rely on your own revelations. Let this site be an inspiration, with a finger pointing home to Self. Do not get lost looking at the finger, yet look to where it is pointing, the ever-changing nature of consciousness itself, flowing thru you…

Navigating Your Galactic Signature: Unveiling Your Evolutionary Learning

Remember, you can also enter the Kin number of the day of your birthday each year, to explore what your evolutionary learning for that year may be.

Again, to decode any date to find either your birthday Kin for this life, this year, or a friend or foes Kin, or the Kin of an important event in your life, go here to find the Galactic Signature for that date. Enter that Kin number in the Search engine above to receive some writings on that Kin.

You may also want to enter the name of the Wavespell (13-day cycle) that that Kin is in. To do this go back each day, until you find the Magnetic Tone (1st day) of the 13-day cycle of that Kin, e.g.. White Worldbridger Wavespell if it is White Magnetic Worldbridger, enter that in the search to read the story of the Wavespell you are looking at.

These TimeWaves site instructions are to support you to dive deeper into receiving the utmost benefit from this site. Blessed journeys to you and if you get at all stuck, simply send me a message and I can help you.
And if you want to dive deeper into the meaning of your Galactic Signature, feel free to book a personal session and we can explore further…


In lak’ech
Kin 71 – Blue Rhythmic Monkey