Mayan Dreamspell Webinar 1&2


Learn the fundamentals of the 1320 Harmonic Matrix, in order to track days in Natural Time. This practice leads into the New Paradigm. A paradigm based on Ancient Future Harmony. Revealing the out-moded conditioning of colonisation and disharmony… A world based on beauty, awaits, re-woven into Earth-connection and Galactic Cycles. Where ‘Time is Art’!

Receive revelations on what is happening both personally and planet-wide each day, tracking increased synchronicity and understanding the order of the universe. This is the first step to ‘Living the Harmonic Matrix’. And the capacity to share this with others, simply. You will be GIFTED with a Workbook and a FREE pdf of this years 13 Moon Synchronometer.



Mayan Dreamspell Webinars What You Learn
Part 1

Learn the foundations of the 1320 Harmonic Matrix in order to track Natural Time in these Mayan Dreamspell Webinars. This practice leads into living the New Paradigm. A world based on beauty, where ‘Time is Art’ and we are all artists because of the simple fact that we were given a blank canvas on which to create, upon our bEarth.

Reclaim your essence from the conditioning of a world gone mad and rebuild your foundation for a most beauty-full future, to pass onto those you love. Diving deeper and deeper into divine clarity…

These webinars offer a wonderful opportunity to comprehend what is happening personally and planet-wide each day, by bringing your awareness to an advanced paradigm of harmony and synchronicity. It is the first step to ‘Living the Harmonic Matrix’. And the first step in teaching this to others. You will be gifted with a Workbook and a FREE pdf of this years 13 Moon Synchronometer.


The divine order of the universe!
In Part 1 of this TimeWaves Webinar you learn –

1: Introduction to Universal Order of Time

2: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Time

3: Tzolkin, Time is of the 4th Dimension


In Part 2 you learn –

4: 20 Tribes, Story of Creation

5: 13 Galactic Tones – Journey from Purpose to Presence

6: Advanced Knowledge & Practices


In Part 2 we dive deeply into each of the 20 Tribes to explore their meanings, as well as each of the 13 Tones. We will also be revealing how to track your years and especially how to go back through your life to uncover each years evolutionary learning, so that you get a greater perspective on your lifes evolution!

You will learn how to track each day and year of your life, so you can track your own evolution and be in greater acceptance and gratitude for lifes learning. This is a profound gift to any human being! So we can stop fighting the evolution and thinking it is wrong and accept and be grateful for the potency of the learning. It was a great revelation in my life and the lives of so many…

The Full 2-Part WEBINAR set with 2 pdfs mentioned above is $33US.


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