Sidereal Astrology Astrocartography Reading


Sidereal Astrology Astrocartography

Founded by Jim Lewis in the ’70s, Astrocartography is the study of Place and Belonging in relationship to work (Mars, Mercury), love (Venus), grounding (IC), a sense of home (Sun), places where strong transformations occur (Pluto), places of expansion and awakening (Jupiter), places where ones intuition is strong (Neptune), etc etc. A wonderful exploration of our planet in relation to you and your connection to the stars reflected on the Earth for you personally.


The AstroCartography Map looks at your relationship to different places on the planet, We study this map in relation to your Sidereal Astrology Natal Chart, to explore places you are drawn to. In this reading you may choose 4 locations, to explore your relationship to those places, or your relationship to people from those places. There are locations and people, that are more favourable than others for work, for love, for relaxation, for going within, for example. Places and people from those places that represent awakening, places for resting and revolution. This is a fascinating study of the places you have lived, or would like to live and the people you have met.

This is a 90 minute session that delves also into your Sidereal Astrology Natal chart to guide us to your places of belonging.

Additional information

Recorded Session

You will receive your online zoom session recording in both audio and audio/visual through dropbox.

Sidereal Astrology Charts

You will receive your Natal and Solar Return Charts pdfs to your email.


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