Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart Readings


Your Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart Reading assists you to discover and explore the patterns you came into this life to work with. The challenges, the flows, the opportunities that evolve your soul through this life.


A Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart Reading explores your blueprint for this life, through referring to the placement of the planets in the constellations at the moment of your birth. You supply your Date, Time and Place of Birth to have your Birth Chart drawn up. Together we then explore your unique patterns in a personal one-on-one session.

These sessions offer deep reflection of your journey through life. Exploring planetary alignments at the moment of your birth, reveals what you came into this life to learn, your challenges, skills, aptitudes, relationship patterns and so much more. A true blueprint of the life you came here to live.

Vasumi has been a practising Astrologer for the past 35 years and it is her joy to engage her heightened intuition, along with her capacity to read the codes to support your next and best moves, and help to unravel your story to bring clarity to your path.


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