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What is the Mayan Dreamspell?

The Tzolkin is a Living System of 260 Days/Kin. Tzol (to count) Kin (light).

A Harmonic Matrix cycling infinitely, in order to measure Natural Time!

Each Kin is 1 of 20 glyphs/universal truths + 1 of 13 tones/actions.

13 x 20 = 260 days from conception to birth. 

Learn to Track Natural Time!

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Find Your Galactic Signature & Kin Number or the same for any Given Date. e.g. Friends, Family, Events. This is called ‘Decoding‘.

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This Website has 5 years of Archives of the 260-Kin of the Dreamspell. May these Archives inspire you to track the Mayan Dreamspell! Enter Kin Number below and receive revelations inspiring ongoing Synchronicity.

Your Wavespell

Personal Session explores the Wavespell (13-Day Cycle) of Your Kin. Revealing Purpose, Support, Hidden Mastery and Challenging Energies for your Life, Your Current Year + Your Current 13-Year Cycle with the Tzolkin & 13 Moon Calendar.

Learn the Codes

Learn the Mayan DreamspellCalendar to Live a Sustainable Life attuned to the Natural Order. TimeWaves Webinars Include a PDF Workbook + a 13 Moon Calendar to Download.

Personal Sessions

Astropoetics for the Soul!

Explore purpose and passion, gifts & challenges as you expand into the codes of the Mayan DreamSpell and/or Sidereal Astrology. Be guided to live a magical life fueled by synchronicity, a life aligning deeply with your soul!

Also available are Solar Return and Progressed Sidereal Charts, always accompanied by the Codes of the Maya. Realise why you are Here!


Vasumi offers a Deep Enquiry into Your Essence and Purpose, by exploring the BIG Quest-I-Ons?. Receive Clarity as to why you are here!

Beginning with your Birth Details, she dives into different Tools, including Mayan Dreamspell, Sidereal Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys, assisted by Advaita’s Deep Enquiry and Intuition in 5 sessions,

This journey explores your foundational energy as well as where you are at now within a 13-year cycle, as well as your current Solar Return, which your last Birthday reveals!

We begin with a FREE 20 minute Session to gauge whether it is in alignment to work together. 

If you are Ready to Dive Deeply into the Secret Language of Your Soul, apply for the 5-Step Mentoring program.

Dreamspell Creation Story

Explore the ‘Story of Creation’ via the 20 Tribes of the Tzolkin

TimeWaves Podcasts

Down To Earth Metaphysical Musings Podcast

In this podcast series, Vasumi shares in a down-to-earth deep-roots style, encouraging magic, through interviewing experienced code-keepers to find the deeper meanings of our lives. With 35 years of exploring metaphysical systems, including Mayan Dreamspell, 13 Moon Calendar, Tzolkin Codes, Sidereal AstrologyHuman DesignGene KeysNumerology, Tarot and the Kabbalah to name a few, to fall back on.

Here you will be receiving gifts in the guise of meditations, tools, keys and your quest-i-ons and revelations are welcomed. If their Is a topic you would like to know more about, or you would like to share through being interviewed, please do not hesitate to reach out… So happy to share with you through this medium.  

Seekers Library Podcast

Another interesting and enjoyable Podcast is with the wonderful Ravyn Star of ‘Seekers Library‘. Ravyn has been highly inspired to share a lot of interviews that explore the Metaphysical Arts, eg the Dreamspell Calendar, 13 Moon Calendar, Tzolkin, Gene Keys, Human Design, Astrology and more.


🌟Join the World-Bridging Network of Truth Seekers here on Seekers Library

🌟 Seekers Library explores tools to cultivate self-awareness and the development of our highest human potential.





Rayvn Star is the host of Seekers Library. She is a wizard synthesizer, transformational guide, initiator, and mystic in service to a global conscious evolution.


“Vasumi is a brightly shining, multi-faceted and wisdom-packed force of nature! She bridges her depth of knowledge with an unusual lightness of being. If you’ve been called to knock on her door for insight and guidance, you won’t regret it.” – Rosy Aronson PhD www.WisdomKeepers.net

Rosy Aronson

Vasumi appeared magically on important crossroads in my life and helped me find new choices, by allowing me to experience my own divine being, within the realm of the Mayan DreamSpell Calendar. In fact, all sessions with her have been quite life-changing and deeply meaningful for me. Vasumi’s ability to transcend the matrix of our conditioned reality is incredibly unique.

Juliane Wothe

There are no words to express Vasumi’s wisdom, passion, excitement, and wealth of experience. Our encounter might have been by “chance” but in reality she has become one of the only few mentors in my life that I trust, respect and who actually understands everything happening within me, my ever evolving life. I deeply value her readings because it allows me to focus, to understand the change happening from within, and puts me on the right path to taking the right kind of action

Sumera Ahsan Sheikh

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Experiencing the Codes daily in the Womb of Creation

Welcome to the Womb of Creation. For the past 2 Castles (a castle is 4 x 13-day Wavespells) from Kin 1 to Kin 104, a group of women have been tracking the daily Kin together. We have been sharing experiences,

A time to Quest-I-On, Yellow Warrior Wavespell, Kin 196-208

The Warrior Wavespell is with us again, from 15-27 March. This is a time for Light beings getting focused on their part of the play of battling fear. To arise together to enhance and embody the beauty of our abundant

Day Out Of Time – July 25

Day Out Of Time – July 25

The Day Out Of Time occurs on July 25 each year, and signifies the ‘plus 1’ day of the 13 Moon Calendar, The 13 Moon Calendar is made up of 13 Moons of 28 days each = 364 days +