Sidereal Astrology Solar Return Reading


Sidereal Astrology Solar Return Reading

Exploring your current year, what to focus on, the challenges, the rewards, the most beneficial direction to move in. Includes Mayan Dreamspell codes for the current year.


The Sidereal Astrology Solar Return reading looks to the current year you are in, from your last birthday, to explore what are the major focuses for your year. This session offers clarity on the current direction, challenges, learnings and points to what you are being called to focus on for the best expression of your time.

A Solar Return chart maps the Sun returning to the same degree in the horoscope as the day your were born. Sometimes it can be the day before your actual birthday. And it still maps the energy of the year to come.

This reading also includes a short look at the year from the perspective of the Mayan Dreamspell day of your last birthday.

This 1 hour session brings clarity to your year.

Additional information

Recorded Session

You will receive your online zoom session recording in both audio and audio/visual through dropbox.

Sidereal Astrology Charts

You will receive your Natal and Solar Return Charts pdfs to your email.


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