About Vasumi & TimeWaves


From a lifetime of being engaged in her ‘heroines journey’, aligning to the spiritual in her 20s, to the earth in her 30s, and finding balance between the two in her 40s and 50s. Now in her 60s, Vasumi with a wealth of experience and tools she is here to support your transformational journey in this powerful time on the planet.

She holds space for you through deeply aligning with you, assisted by codes revealing your place within harmonic geometries that are the building blocks of life. These codes gift revelations for your ongoing awakening and re-membering process.

Revelations such as these are received continually through diligently exploring the real and unreal, supporting Vasumi to embrace a totally new paradigm, with roots in the earth, and branches reaching to the cosmos.

Vasumi embraces a life guided by the natural flow of synchronicity, living each day open to the magic that reveals the path. 


Vasumi blogged daily from 2012-15, based on the ever r-evolving energies of each day. These archived blogs are available on this website. Vasumi came to know these codes as a guide to humanity, availabe for those with the curiosity to quest-ion and the willingness to walk the path less traveled.


This site can guide you through these changing times, navigating your way, from one world to another. It is based on both Sidereal Astrology and the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar, with its foundation in the Mayan Calendar of the Yucatec region of southern Mexico and also on Olmec codes which pre-date the Maya. This system is especially helpful at this time, when we are asked to release attachment to all things that do not support the shift into a more conscious way of living. 


Vasumi, Kin 71, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, shares writings and videos through her Facebook pageYoutube channel and Instagram account, which serve to track Conscious Evolution. Encouraging exploration and expansion of the edges of daily life, leading to deeper trusting of being ‘on track’. By exploring the magic of these metaphysical codes, balance can be found, through listening to heart inner-sense. Allowing ‘Self’ (cell-f) to push boundaries of outmoded thought-prisons and power-over paradigms, initiating the magic of living with natural harmonies, revealed through synchronicity, underlying all of life.


Vasumi was guided to the Dreamspell through Ramana Maharshi, after she received the grace of Source consciousness, through his disciple, Annamalai Swami.

Guided to return to NZ from India, synchronicity led her to folk sharing the structure of this harmonic system. With recognition of the system, she realised she was here to share it, guiding others. She continues to explore, test and challenge the Tzolkin, as it continues to reflect the clarity of consciousness evolving moment-to-moment! 

This daily order can be experienced, when curiosity gets the better of us. All that is needed is the heart to feel, the eyes to see and the ears to listen, openly and with the intent of experimentation, by laying aside pre-conceived knowing. This is how ENERGY OF THE DAY videos were shared each day on Facebook, now available also through Instagram and Vasumi’s Youtube Channel, fuelling this ongoing exploration…

Vasumi encourages you to take this work as a reprogramming guide, based on resonance. To quest-i-on the need to identify too deeply with ones signature alone, in the knowing that we are ever-evolving. She suggests to allow the codes to reveal your personal evolution based on resonance. 

These tools can be used to unlock the old paradigms hold over the collective. Opening and beckoning the whole mind through the doorway, to embrace the unknowable, and are presently being worked with to redefine a new foundation for governance on our planet.

DISCLAIMER: No responsibility is taken for the individual whose urge for meaning in life, encourages them to turn to this as another box of identification. What is encouraged here is to explore this as a tool, a guide to disentangling, and to experience what the tools point to, do not get identified with the finger.

Feel free to use these sharings as a doorway, to your own exploration of the infinite harmonies of the omniverse, of which we are all intimately connected.