Red Dragon Wavespell, Kins 1-13

Great to be back with you! Today we begin a whole new Tzolkin cycle at Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon, prepares for a 13-day cycle to birth the DIVINE FEMININE. Today is a portal day, where the dimensional doorways are OPEN – birthing new energy, activating the 260-day (9-month) Galactic Spin. Today is conception!!! […]

Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey

Good mornin planetary kin… Today is the 11th day of both the 13-day Dragon wavespell and the 260-day Tzolkin spin…  It is also the Galactic Signature of Jose Arguelles, our dear brother who departed this physical form after a life time of dedication to bringing these natural harmonic time codes to the people of the […]

Kin 128: Yellow Spectral Star ‘Releasing Beauty’

Good morning all… As I write the title today I realise that it is interesting that the doubts that come into my head about this system that I have been contemplating and following for the past 17 years fit so elegantly into the system… Is such a conundrum… Is such a path of continually quest-i-oning […]