White Solar Wind, Kin 22, Bolon Ik – March 6 2013

Dear friends… Welcome to Bolon Ik… Solar Wind in ‘lingo Maya’… Bolon Ik brings me to the Temple of Learning in Palenque, and is also the signature of Lloydine Arguelles, Jose’s wife who assisted with the downloading of the Dreamspell… Solar Wind is the realisation of timeless receptivity and how the shamanic presence allows the channeling of truths, […]

Kin 239: Blue Overtone Storm (guided by the Hand) / Spectral 6 / May 7

Good Morning Kin all over the planet… Today is the 5th day of the Eagle wavespell… On the fifth day we empower the original purpose… So today we empower the creative minds capacity to envision the greater picture through allowing the transformation of what we do, allowing all that we are accomplishing to generate more […]