Red Dragon Wavespell, Kins 1-13

Great to be back with you! Today we begin a whole new Tzolkin cycle at Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon, prepares for a 13-day cycle to birth the DIVINE FEMININE. Today is a portal day, where the dimensional doorways are OPEN – birthing new energy, activating the 260-day (9-month) Galactic Spin. Today is conception!!! […]

Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker (Wednesday, June 5)

Today is the 9th day of the Serpent cycle, and 8th GAP day… Today we ride the current of the pulse of life force as it flows up to explore the expansive realms of the cosmos, unbound by the physical dimension, to become multi-dimensional non-linear, radial ripples of awakening consciousness, exploring throughout the Universes… In […]

Kin 126: White Solar Worldbridger ‘Realising Surrender’

Ah to let go and let god… The absolute bliss and ecstasy that beckons us from beyond the veils… Ah to follow the breath in and out to source and the cosmos… This is what today, the Solar Worldbridger, promises, as it abides in the central column of the Tzolkin, the place where balance arrives […]

Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker ‘Awakening Universal Flow’

Today the 9 day of the Serpent cycle… We realise the pulse of life force as a current that allows us to flow up and explore the expansive realms of the cosmos – multi-dimensional non-linear ripples of awakening throughout the Universes…. Supported today by Solar Worldbridger, riding the portals to communicate with other worlds and […]