Kin 26: White Cosmic Worldbridger

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So we are at the 13th and last day of the Wizard wavespell of receptivity and anchoring our chalice of receptivity… Today the presence of this is experienced through surrendering fully to unconditional love, to knowing that all is interconnected in a cosmic web that avails us opportunities to open doorways […]

Kin 86: White Galactic Worldbridger (May 9, 2013) Surrendering to Change

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Happy bEarthday to Maya Yonika… Today is the 8th day of the cycle of change, and in Mayas case the 8th year of a cycle of change through pushing the boundaries of the acceptable in order to uncover a deep-rooted trust in the magic of our collective surrender and devotion to […]

Kin 79: Blue Magnetic Storm (self guided) / Magnetic Moon 21 / Aug 15

God Morning beloved kin… Today we begin a new 13 day cycle/wavespell with Blue Magnetic Storm… As a magnet attracts energy, so today we attract the energy of change by generating a lot of energy in this new cycle… The first day of a cycle sets the tone for the following 13 days, so expect […]