Kin 198: White Electric Mirror (Wednesday 28 August)

Today we activate the mission, the quest-i-on, thru reflecting upon all that is not true in what we are feeling… bringing the sword to the emotional plane to strip away extraneous emotional baggage, so that as we move forward on our mission we are not carrying extra weight… We are guided in this by the […]

Kin 198: White Electric Mirror ‘Serving Truth’

Dear kin… So today is 12/12/12… it is also the 3rd day of the Warrior wavespell, White Electric Mirror… A day where fearlessness is activated by communicating directly what is felt through our emotional bodies… A day to serve the mission through having the order it will take, be revealed through channeling from spirit… Today […]

Kin 81: Red Electric Dragon (guided by the Serpent) / Magnetic Moon 23 / August 17

Today is the 2nd day of the 25th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence… It is also the 3rd day of the Storm wavespell… With the Electric Dragon we activate change through responding directly from our instinct to serve others by nurturing of any that are feeling isolated or alone, the caring that inspires transformation… Today is […]