Yellow Sun Wavespell 4, Kin 40-52

Welcome to the Wavespell of Enlightenment, a time to connect direct to Source… A time to shine brightly, independent (the in-deep-end-dance) and sovereign… Yellow Magnetic Sun, Kin 40 Today as always at the beginning of a cycle, we attract the new frequency that flavours the next 13 days, and todays flavour is the Sun… Radiating […]

Kin 42: White Electric Wind

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So today we are on day 3 of the Sun wavespell of Illumination, Enlightenment and Sovereignty… A 13-day cycle where we get to explore these aspects and stand up to shine the light that we are and claim our independence… Today I would like to devote this sharing to Rahb Callahan, […]

Kin 219: Blue Spectral Storm ‘Liberating Energy’

Good Morning… So today is the 11th day of the 13 day cycle of the Moon, the cycle of purification and flow… The 11th dayS glyph is always the exact opposite or polarised energy of the tone one glyph energy, eg this cycle Tone One is Moon, giving the cycle its name, 1+10=11… So Tone […]