Kin 70: White Overtone Dog – 23 April 2013

Good morning Earth-dwellers… So today is the 5th day of the Worldbridging (surrender, networking, connecting different worlds) 13-day wavespell… Today exists primarily on the spiritual plane, and brings the powerful radiance of surrender, that is revealed through unconditional love… When you place the glyph/archetype/solar ray of the Dog into the spiritual plane, that love, loyalty […]

Kin 191: Blue Solar Monkey ‘Realising Magic’

Good Morning… Today is the 9th day of the Night wavespell… and today I am going to push my own boundaries, in true money style, and direct you to my dear friend John’s blog, where he so eloquentiy relays the overall message of our times… John will setting up a subscription soon, so I […]

Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon ‘We are the frontline of our bloodlines’

‘We are the frontline of our bloodlines’ These are words from a wonderful and powerful song by a dear sistar Elen Evolove in Byron Bay… And they ring true for this Overtone Moon day… A day where purifying our bloodlines through rolling back the generations to truly feel what it is our ancestors felt, not […]