Yellow Sun Wavespell 4, Kin 40-52

Welcome to the Wavespell of Enlightenment, a time to connect direct to Source… A time to shine brightly, independent (the in-deep-end-dance) and sovereign… Yellow Magnetic Sun, Kin 40 Today as always at the beginning of a cycle, we attract the new frequency that flavours the next 13 days, and todays flavour is the Sun… Radiating […]

Kin 180: Yellow Spectral Sun ‘Liberating Light’

Hi there Planetary Kin… So I have been away from Technology for an extended time of around 3 weeks which has been glorious as I traversed gatherings in the north of Queensland, Australia for the Solar Eclipse… The journeys have been wonderful and strong and interspersed with ceremony, prayer and a great amount of listening […]

Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon (self guided) / Lunar Moon 3

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is Day 11 of the 13 day Storm wavespell… Today with Spectral Moon, we liberate change through our capacity to express our emotions sensitively and in the flow… Allowing the change that has been catalysed to reveal a very pure and refined way to flow with energy that needs to […]