Kin 128: Yellow Spectral Star ‘Releasing Beauty’

Good morning all… As I write the title today I realise that it is interesting that the doubts that come into my head about this system that I have been contemplating and following for the past 17 years fit so elegantly into the system… Is such a conundrum… Is such a path of continually quest-i-oning […]

Kin 258: White Spectral Mirror (self guided) / Spectral 25 / May 26

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 11th day of the 13 day Mirror wavespell… The 11th day is always the day of liberating the original purpose of the wavespell, in this case the Mirror releases the Star. To reflect truthfully the reality of how energy is moving, whether it be harmoniously or disharmonically, today […]