WHAT IS THE SHAMANS JOURNEY? – Wizard Wavespell, Kins 14-26

WHITE WIZARD WAVESPELL, Kin 14-26: Fri 17 – Wed 29 April; Planetary Moon 14-26 Welcome all to the Shamanic cycle of the Wizard… In this cycle we come to understand what a true Shaman path is… This will be a cycle of timeless receptivity to multi-dimensional realms… What it is to be enchanted by the […]

Kin 26: White Cosmic Worldbridger

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So we are at the 13th and last day of the Wizard wavespell of receptivity and anchoring our chalice of receptivity… Today the presence of this is experienced through surrendering fully to unconditional love, to knowing that all is interconnected in a cosmic web that avails us opportunities to open doorways […]

Kin 19: Blue Rhythmic Storm

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So now I have caught up with myself, I will share todays energy… Today we face the chaos of lots of transformation on the physical plane… You may awake this morning with a lot of energy generating, ready to leap into the world, with not too much direction, but a sense […]