Kin 84: Yellow Rhythmic Seed (May 7 ’13) – Organising Seed

Hi beloveds… So here we are in the 6th day of the transformative Storm cycle, which seems to be taking us all on a whirl, so much is changing and re-arranging around us and through us… Lucky we had the Worldbridger cycle as a lead up, where we mastered what it was to let go […]

Kin 214: White Rhythmic Wizard ‘Welcome to the New Time’

Dear Planetary Kin… So finally I am back to the technosphere after gloriously playing in the mountains away from all distractions from our beloved Gaia… What a divine and magical time it is here on Planet Earth.. I feel freed up, freed up from the ‘What will?’ ‘How will?’ and all the other quest-i-ons that […]