Welcome to the Time of Awakening as we are in this cycle that encourages us to explore, expand, open and awaken, to our place within the universe, to look deeper into the #’meaning of life’…

We will explore this cycle through the medium of story, as has been through time immemorial, the way to share the deeper wisdom of lifes passing…

Here are the codes, given thru the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, a calendar that points the finger from the ancient Mayan Wisdom Codes to ‘herald in’ the future New Time… Simply follow the story from 1-13 by looking back to these code words and pondering how they work together to create this story… Feel free to work with these codes, to find a story of your own following that trail, you may find your own #’meaning of life’ for the next 13 days… Blessed be your journey…

1 Magnetic Purpose – Skywalker Exploring, Expansion, Awakening

2 Lunar Stabilising – Wizard Receptivity, Timelessness, Enchantment

3 Electric Activating – Eagle Vision, Creative, Mind

4 SelfExisting Defining – Warrior Fearlessness, Intelligence, Quest-i-oning

5 Overtone Empowering – Earth Listening, Navigating Synchronicity, Evolution

6 Rhythmic Balancing – Mirror Reflects, Endless, Order

7 Resonant Inspiring – Storm Catalyses, Self-Generating, Energy

8 Galactic Integrating – Sun Enlightens, Life, Universal Fire

9 Solar Realising – Dragon Nurtures, Birth, Being

10 Planetary Manifesting – Wind Communicates, Spirit, Breath

11 Spectral Liberating – Night Dreams, Intuition, Abundance

12 Crystal Co-operating – Seed Targets, Flowering, Awareness

12 Cosmic Presence – Serpent Survival, Instinct, Life Force

1 Red Magnetic Skywalker

There was a new soul born to a couple that truly loved the Stars. Loving to be outdoors, simply gazing at the majesty that was the night sky, they pondered on the nature of the universe, sending their consciousness out into different stars, to explore what was there. Loving to share what they sensed. In this way they became familiar with the night sky and it was no surprise that when they birthed their first child, this child had a decidedly other-worldly starry feeling about it. With wide open eyes, this child was fully awake, did not need to sleep very much and yet was relaxed and open. Its parents jokingly nicknamed the baby ‘The Awakened One’.

2 White Lunar Wizard

The quiet receptivity of this child, suggested that it was coming to anchor into the earth, from very far away. Looking into its eyes, the receptivity of those eyes seemed to be a timeless portal to oh so many enchanting worlds upon worlds upon worlds. This deep receptivity appeared to anchor new energy into this beautiful planet.

3 Blue Electric Eagle

There was a certain aloofness about the child, as if watching from far away, and yet when you were seen, you felt fully transformed. As if being witnessed by this one, was to be changed from the inside-out, gaining more energy and with a greater sense of infinite energy available for life.

4 Yellow SelfExisting Warrior

The child grew to have a great intelligence, asking many questions, especially about the age-old wisdom of the planet and the cultures that inhabited it. With his keen intelligence, the child formed its own unique ideas about how things were, making choices to follow the road less traveled, fearlessly following its own free will.

5 Red Overtone Earth

And so the child listened intently, seeing what came of its choices, immediately present to what was shown, instinctively following synchronicities that revealed the next steps to be taken. The child loved hearing stories of the evolution of humanity through the different cycles of time, the choices made bringing the world to what it was in the present day, delighting in hearing powerful stories of peoples survival into the present day. Travelling back in time like this, he felt empowered by the present moment, receiving the vitality of the past. The child carried these stories and gained great wisdom from them, allowing him a greater and more informed risk-taking. His  instinct for right timing enhanced and radiating, promising survival in the most intense moments. The child was awakened to the power of synchronicity and listened intently for the messages that emerged from worlds unseen.

6 White Rhythmic Mirror

Through learning to listen deeply, the child began to mimic nature and became aware of its own body and its need for movement and stretching to encourage alignment and balance. It learned to treat its body as a temple. Appreciating order, with a place for everything and everything in its place, bringing him into balance and he organised the space around him to always be neat and clean. This brought order to the home and his parents followed suit, till their home was a temple, that any Feng Shui master would have been proud of. And so it was with the child’s own physical body, loving activities such as sword-work and yoga, that brought a more refined awareness of its physical space.

7 Blue Resonant Storm

In this way the growing child was inspired to play with generating a lot of energy to transform what was present. Attuning to what it was to push the edges of what was present to catalyse change. And so he grew to love the space to generate more and more energy, like a whirling top, so that he could experiment with the magic of transformation with his senses. Through this he learnt the codes of magic, formulas that brought change.

8 Yellow Galactic Sun

His mind became illuminated, as he was guided to the highest potential light available. Aligning his intelligence with the understanding of thermal dynamics, he understood what it took to focus and reach for the highest potentials. Necessitating independent mind, thinking way outside of the box. With this he integrated this uniqueness as a gift, direct from Source.

9 Red Solar Dragon

In this way he realised that he was carrying a contract from long ago, to allow new consciousness to pulse through him. He listened even deeper and responded to synchronicities that allowed him to set the intention to allow the new to birth through him. A greater sense of responsibility came with this, and a greater expansion of energy pulsed through his being.

10 White Planetary Wind

Manifesting in the physical dimension through singing, dancing, writing and pure conversation that activated peoples hearts and sense of connection to each other and the whole. Spirit channeling through to communicate to the world, his heart guiding the most creative endeavours that brought connection and unity to the people.

11 Blue Spectral Night

After a lot of output, he would release all the excess energy by going within, sleeping, dreaming and allowing the excess energy to journey from outside to within, into the deep unconscious. This liberated and freed a lot of the energy and emotion that was carried through his dedication to his contract. Going within and journeying in the hidden realms of dreaming, in the depth of his in-tuition, all was released.

12 Yellow Crystal Seed

After retreating in this way, he could emerge to focus on bring greater expansion and awakening to the community he lived in. He would create a central intention to bring the people together to question ‘What is the greatest potential of an awakening community?’ ‘What level of co-operation is needed, to co-create the new?’ ‘What fears are in the way of humanity focusing together, to enter into a New Earth and a New Time?’ ‘What to collectively focus on, to bring the highest potential co-operation?’ And so with these quest-i-ons and more, he would hold the focus for the people, for all to explore, and the collective intelligence would expand as the people gained courage to collectively co-create the New.

13 Red Cosmic Serpent

This questioning led him into going with the flow of the immediate present, instinctively connecting to the purity of consciousness that flowed through him from root to crown and back again. Strong kundalini activations were present, as he allowed the pure consciousness of the cosmos to ground thru his Crown into the Earth, bringing a divine vitality and reality, as he became a pure vehicle of cosmic thermal dynamics. A very present vehicle allowing energy to flow from Space to Earth, and from Earth flowing into Space, all marvelled at the vitality of his pure presence. So he came to be ‘The Awakener, as his parents had so jokingly called him, continually expanding, exploring. Awakening and Awakened!

So it is dear friends, that this cycle is one of expansion and awakening, may we open to it.

And should any feel the need for guidance on this journey, check my Sessions page for details.  Testimonials are rolling in from those I have asked to share their experience of sessions shared. Their sharings can assist to give you greater understanding of what to expect.

I would love to serve and guide you, indeed in understanding this system deeply in my bones. I feel a deep responsibility to share what I have experienced in a way that can assist you to open to your own uniqueness and contracts. Indeed it is what I am here for!

In lak’ech (I am another yourself)


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  1. Thanks again. The awakened one channeling for all is something I sense and the expansion is huge.

  2. i&i Journey exactly! Blessings~Love~Cosmic•Oneness~Healing~Music~Human~Unity~Ancient•DNA•activation~dancing•Rainbow•Serpent~Earth•Energy•Lines~Constellations•Dance~

    1. R u doing anymore webinars any time soon to share the depths of these teachings and the beginning of concepts of time? Its important to me now to understand this. Thank u

      1. Hey Michelle, did you see these available yet – https://timewaves.org/offerings/mayan-dreamspell-webinars/ … And yes there are a few teaching events online coming up soon, If you are subscribed on my site, you will receive these in the next newsletter. Also consider a deeper dive with a personal session, and if you have already had one, we can dive deeper again and share to where you are at right now… Find everything available here – https://linktr.ee/timewaves. Many BlesSings and here to assist you to track natural time at any time…

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