Well am only writing this at the end of the Yellow Crystal Warrior day and into the next morning, as the Warrior was full tilt and boogie today, on the mission, in commUnity… sharing sessions all day long and then getting on a flight to Bali, and here I lie in my bed, catching up with myself.

So today was the first day out of the gate of the 10 GAP days, so how did everyone go with this… love to hear about it, is anyone out there.

So Crystal Warrior, certainly held a feeling of community, specifically community that was on a creation together. I was lucky enough to be teaching and sharing sessions with the awesome women at Sacred Grove, in Fremantle, Perth in Western Australia… A wonderful co-operative venture offering raw food extraordinaire, physic and tarot sessions, an amazing array of magical pieces to incorporate the divinity of pure magic into our lives. I feel gratefull and full of love as I am now home and relaxing.

Thankyou Sacred Grove and thankyou Ginny for getting me to Perth, was a wonderful experience at the tail end of the Serpent Wavespell, renowned for quick instinctual movement.

Well is late and this was to be short, so mimpi manis everyone.. sweet dreams in Indonesian…

love Vasumi

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