Beloved Kin, today is a wonderful day to gather with others. Crystal Days are what we call Round Table days, community days, common-unity days. Days that after the release of yesterday, we are ready to come together without agenda and co-operate.

There have always been the days where the kin come together to share, to sing, to talk, to discuss non-seriously all that has been, and all that will come.

Today being a Wind guided by the Wizard, it is specifically good to communicate, to sing, to dance together, anchoring Spirit and allowing ourselves to be receptive to the multidimenaional nature of consciousness through the mential plane (crystal)…
In this today we are supported by the Crystal Storm guided by the Monkey… To generate loads of energy by pushing away any outmoded boundaries that would seek to inhibit the pure generation of co-creating loads of abounding energy…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Crystal Human guided by the Seed, to look to the ancients for the seeding of new consciousness, of the New Time…

And the gift we receive from the hidden energy today is Lunar Earth guided by the Moon, to listen to our bodies wisdom as it flows with the synchronicities in right timing in order to work towards the purification of our Mother Earth and her waters..

Blessed be dear kin and so mote it be!

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