Today we activate the fearless Wisdom born from our actions and the actions of those that we love… In touch with the ancient ancestral wisdom which speaks of our need to love one another as family… we are drawn to those that we have deep deep roots with…

We are supported today by Electric Hand guided by the Monkey… to activate and trust the emotional healing that occurs when we are brought together with others in order to survive… Also to trust the healing that occurs from a raw instinctual place.

Todays challenge that strengthens is Electric Wind guided by the Worldbridger… to surrender to allowing spirit speak to voice the ancient wisdoms and to know that they are one and the same…

Todays hidden gift is Spectral Moon… To release and cleanse the emotional body… to go with the flow of freedom, liberating change…

blessed be dear hearts


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  1. Me too…I woke up with less breath this morning…
    And the tears are flowing and then I am reading your post Vasumi.
    So I feel better knowing its all in the stars, we are all together.
    Thanks and love,

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