Todays energies integrate the mission we are on… Modelling the dream, being guided to integrate the accomplishment of aligning our minds to the abundance that this Earth offers us…. Unlimited in our capacity to heal any limiting thoughts by allowing our limbic brains connection to resource of the Earth and how to receive them, through allowing the deep in-tuition that is connected to the planetary dream held in the iron crystal core of Mother Gaia. She wants us to have all our needs met in order to fearlessly be focused on our mission… It is not thru our external efforts alone that our needs are met, it requires a deep internal healing of allowing the feminine brain to be free to receive, yet we must act and we will be shown by the action of our inner knowing which actions support our abundance allowing the integration of the dream, the integration of our mission…

Today we are supported by Galactic Warrior guided by the Sun in the cycle of the Moon… To integrate our solar intelligence our masculine mind that is in service to the pure flow of the bloods messages to the limbic brain… to receive those messages and to carry those messages into the external world, fearlessly shining our pure light in the mission that integrates our capacity to flow.

Todays challenge that strengthens is Galactic Skywalker guided by the Earth in the cycle of the Worldbridger… That we allow the perfect moment to express the messages received internally, not a moment too soon, not a moment later, to give the messages received from our intuition, so that they have the most impact in allowing our mission to follow its course, our needs for that mission to be met… Timing is everything… a message can be wasted if it is thrown into the wind, with no-ones receptivity available… when all are ready to receive, in a split moment that same message can be a key to passing thru limitless doorways…

The hidden gift of this day is Rhythmic Mirror in the cycle of the Skywalker… To organise the physical reality for perfect balance, reflecting the endless order that is required to receive and act upon the intuitive pulses received in order to allow expansion… To have our temples in order… To place the right elements in the right places to encourage our physical temples to allow the receptivity of the healing intuition… The healing intuition shows us how to place our temples to allow for maximum fearless expansion… When all is in order we are ready to receive the greatest gifts!!!

Enjoy the deep internal in-tuitive healing of this day, while allowing your external actions to reflect the gifts that our Mother Earth gives to us, put our temples in order, so that you can be available to receive those gifts that serve to integrate the missions we have in some way signed up for… Receive the intuitive understanding of how those missions serve the whole, and step forward fearlessly!!! Blessed be dear hearts


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