Happy New Time Year Planetary Kin…

Today is the first day of the New Year of White Rhythmic Wizard…

A year when our primary work is to anchor our-cellves… To become grounded enough in our physical dimension that we become receptors to multi-dimensional realities… the deeper we anchor into the earth the higher we can fly…

The Rhythmic Wizard as you know is in the wavespell of the Moon… So again this year we are working and being worked by the waters… What it is to go with the flow without losing our centre, our sense of groundedness… this suggests there will be a lot of flowing this year, and practises like Qi Gong can be awesome tools to build the strenth of our legs, so that we become like trees, with roots down deep and branches open to the heavens… where the water can travel up our trunks with levity…

We are supported this day and year by Red Rhythmic Serpent… Pure life force organised into balance in our internal and external physical worlds…This signature is in the wavespell of the Sun… We shine when our life force, our pure essence is balanced… This also represents organising our survival, balancing our blood with the light of the sun…

Today and this years challenge that strengthens is Yellow Rhythmic Seed… in the wavespell of the Storm… organising to co-create the gardens, in order to brave the storms… co-creation with our hands in the earth, will strengthen and ground us ready for the New Time,… not to mention the food that we will need… this also suggests it is time to organise to collect the organic healthy seed that we will need for the New Time… www.seedsavers.net…

The hidden gift of this day and this year is Blue Galactic Hand guided by the Monkey… also in the wavespell of the Sun… Trusting the healing knowledge that integrates the magic of shining our own light… being sovereign beings integrated in the knowledge of magic that just has to come from that deeply receptive and anchored wizard… directly receiving straight from Source…

blessed be dear hearts and Happy New Year, Happy New Day and Happy New Time…


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  1. You will have to tell me, once you have experienced a little more of it… although today is a fractal of the year… how has it been?
    And it is the guide of the hidden energy for the year… so it may be a little hidden and only show itself towards the end of the day or year… bless and thanks for co-creating a lovely DOOT…

  2. I was reading earlier posts what i wrote as a note on my blog. I want to share this with you:

    Nine Lords of Time descend into the Tomb of Time
    9.13 the numbers of the dedication of the Tomb
    Now the time has come
    To awaken the Nine Lords of Time
    Nine Lords of the Ring
    Nine Solar Rings – Thirteen Moons per orbit
    Sacred number code 9.13
    The Tomb of Time reopened
    One Lord of Time awakened as the power of the Solar Ring
    Each Solar Ring Thirteen Moons in passing
    Nine Solar Rings
    Nine Lords of Time Awakened

    Nine Great Lha of Shambhala
    Nine Lords of Time
    Nine Lords of the Ring
    Blue Crystal Storm 2004
    The Nine Lords begin their turn in time
    Thirteen Moons the noospheric time to turn

    Ten sacred letters
    Nine sacred letters more
    Nineteen sacred letters in all
    Two sacred sounds
    Known to those well-versed in the Magic of Time
    Now guard you well your knowledge
    This is the Harrowing of Hell
    Wrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic Order
    Walk the sacred tunnel between the Worlds
    Earth Spirit Speaking Tube as well
    In this passage of the End of Time
    Seven Seers fulfill the Seven Years of Prophecy
    When the Seventh Seer has laid his final treasure
    Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time
    White Spectral Mirror
    If you can pass through this spectralized gate
    Invisible to all but those who know the Time
    Then Blue Crystal Storm will announce to you
    The resplendent sound of the First Lord of the Ring
    The First Lord of Time, Luminous White A
    Then seek the treasure laid by the Seventh Seer
    Through his messenger of Treasures
    the Glorious Lotus Born
    Pass through the Ring of Time
    And find the treasure known by name

    Nine sacred letters inscribed
    In the last Nine steps of the Cube of the Law
    “Call Bolon Ik out from UR!”
    “E” and “X”
    The First Two Lords connect the two sides of the Planetary Manitou
    The next three Lords make the Call –
    Then inside the Sacred Wisdom Source
    The Mystic Altar of the Mystery of the Stone
    The last Four Lords inspire the Mother of the World
    To make the sacred mantric sound
    Tel Ek Ton On!
    Bolon Ik – Ik Bolon
    The letters I and B
    Complete the Mystery of the Stone
    Two letters more
    Inscribe the signs of sacred UR
    New Jerusalem Shambhala Tollan
    Sacred Order of the Heavenly Source
    Returned to Earth at last!

    O you lovers of Riddles and Mysteries!
    Look carefully at the Magic Square of Nine
    Nested within the Oxlahuntiku
    from Millenniums end to 2013
    The final nine years are in truth Nine Rings
    Inscribe therein EXCALIBUR
    One letter each for each of the Nine Rings
    Then look carefully again and find
    Perfect Axis of the Storm E-R-L
    Balanced by the Moons diagonal C-B
    Joined by the Wizards poles A-U
    Made Straight by the Seed X-I
    Nine Rings in All, Excalibur
    Each Ring a Lord of Time
    Each Lord the memory of One NET Day
    Earth Awakened Ring by Ring
    Nine NET Days
    Thirteen NET Hours per day
    Blue Crystal Storm the Count begins
    The Star Seed makes the Space
    Draw you now your treasure map
    The Wisdom hoard is opening
    The Memory is yours
    For the taking
    If only you can take the Time to know
    Nine Lords of Time
    Nine Lords of the Ring
    Shambhala New Jerusalem Tollan
    UR returned
    All beings ONE
    No longer just a dream
    But a weaving of reality
    Thirteen Moons in the Making
    Make this riddle your own
    And you will be a champion
    Of the Mystery of the Stone


  3. According to this dreamspell calendar… i’m a white rhythmic wizard. And that means guided by my own power doubled, not by a monkey. But anyways…. Why are you all following an adaptation of the mayan calendar by some professor? Who is he to ‘revise’ ancient magic?

    1. Hey Brittany… there is always more under the surface… and your quest-i-on is valid, yet if you really want it answered you may need to follow for awhile and check what happens in your life, we did! I have followed the Dreamspell daily for 15 years, and the Long Count/Quiche Count for two years… It is all about resonation… I challenge you to do your homework and not base your assumptions on others writings or opinions… simply follow one or other count for awhile, minus the judgements, and then follow the other, and then stick where the resonation is… and even better follow both and the synchronicities in your days will multiply and you may uncover the Harmonic Matrix more fully in your life… In lake’ch (I am another yourself)

    2. ps Ancient Future magic is always evolving, being revised… this moment has never occured before… just as you are growing, so is the collective consciousness, thank the goddess… May we all be open to change constantly to allow for higher and higher frequencies to anchor on our planet and allow heaven on earth.. blessed be to you…

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