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Today the Earth begins anew its annual ring around the Sun, as calibrated by Sirius, the brightest fixed star in the sky. In the 13 Moon Dreamspell, the name of today, and therefore the year it initiates, is White Rhythmic Wizard, or 6 Ix. This is the solar ring that brings us into the Gregorian year 2012, key to the popular conception of “the Mayan Calendar” and a potential return of the great teachings encoded therein. This is often interpreted as the long awaited Return of Quetzalcoatl, spoken of in legends of ancient Mexico’s great culture bringer Ce Acatl Topiltzin — the Plumed Serpent.

The key to the prophecy cycle of Quetzalcoatl is the recurrence of the year bearing his name — Ce Acatl, or 1 Reed — according to the 52-year rounds of the Mesoamerican calendar system. It’s important to understand that the historical aspect of this prophecy is correlated to what is now known as The Aztec Calendar, the same calendar used by the Toltec people during the lifetime of Ce Acatl Topiltzin (10th Century AD).

The first part of this cycle began in 843 AD (the first Aztec year 1 Reed of the 11th Baktun) and culminated Thirteen rounds later (13 x 52 = 676 years) in 1519, when the year 1 Reed was marked by the arrival of Hernan Cortez at Vera Cruz & the subsequent collapse of the Aztec civilization. The second part was defined by nine rounds beginning in 1519 and culminating (9 x 52 = 468 years later) in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence.

When looking at these historical cycles, it is interesting to note that in contrast to the Maya, the Aztec civilization did not name the years of the calendar-round for the day on which they began, but for the 360th day (of 365). Naming cycles after the 360th day is a tradition of great antiquity in Mesoamerica. The cycles of the famous Long Count, for example, based on a 360-day “tun”, are always named for the day on which they end. December 21, 2012, the final zero-day of the 13th Baktun, is 4 Ahau, meaning it completes a 360-day tun named 4 Ahau, as well as a 20 x 360-day “katun”, also named 4 Ahau.

While the Maya restricted this pattern of naming cycles after their 360th day to the tun, their Olmec predecessors, as well as the later Aztec, extended this convention to include the 365-day civil year. Therefore an Aztec year 1 Reed actually begins 359 days before 1 Reed, on a day that is the Mayan equivalent of 6 Ix. This means that the 360th day of the Rhythmic Wizard (6 Ix) year that begins today will likewise be 1 Reed (1 Ben — Magnetic Skywalker). The sequence of days in a Dreamspell year 6 Wizard is precisely the same as the sequence of an Aztec year 1 Reed (beginning on day 1 with 6 Ix, & ending on day 365 with 6 Etznab).

In order to correlate the Roman calendar, the Mayan scribes of the colonial period chose to use the Julian, rather than Gregorian, calendar, although they were certainly aware of the Gregorian reform. The most important date for the correlation of calendars in the colonial Chilam Balam texts (18 Zac = Feb. 15) occurs in a (Mayapan calendar) year that began on July 13 (Julian). The first day of the first year of the 1 Reed prophecy cycle in 843 AD was also July 13 in the Julian calendar. Currently the Gregorian & Julian calendars differ by 13 days, meaning that today, July 26 Gregorian, is also July 13 in the Julian calendar.

July 13 (Julian) 843 AD = Aztec New Year (1 Izcalli), 6 Ix traditional.

July 13 (Julian) 2011 AD = 13 Moon New Year, 6 Ix Dreamspell.

We can see here a grand synchronization of Galactic Mayan prophecy, where the initiation of the historical prophecy cycle of 1 Reed returns through the Dreamspell for the final full year of the 13th Baktun, in preparation for entry into a time beyond history.

There are three days of special significance in the coming year to consider. One is the leap day of 2012. On this day the correlation of the Dreamspell to the traditional count will shift by one day, from a difference of 48 to one of 47. The 47-day interval is of immense significance to the monuments of Palenque and other sources of Galactic Mayan prophecy. Kin 47 (8 Manik) is also the “perfect occult” of 6 Wizard. The Chilam Balam date of 18 Zac / Feb. 15, mentioned above, is another confirmation of this synchronization; Feb. 28, 2012 = Feb. 15 Julian (see previous articles “13 Kan” and “Leap Year Lore” for more on 47, Palenque, and the Chilam Balam).

The next date to consider is the Full Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012, Dreamspell kin 252, 5 Human. John Major Jenkins has shown how this Eclipse is encoded in the monuments of Chichen Itza, especially its Pyramid of Kukulkan (Mayan name for Quetzalcoatl), indicating clearly The Return of Quetzalcoatl (see Maya Cosmogenesis 2012).

The third date of note is the Venus Transit of June 6, 2012, Dreamspell kin 9, 9 Moon. Venus is the heavenly body chiefly associated with Quetzalcoatl, and the Transit of 2012 concludes an 8 year alignment of Sun/Earth/Venus that will not recur for over a century. Notice that the kin of the May 20 Eclipse and June 6 Transit (kin 252 and 9, respectively) create another perfect occult pair (compare to the symmetry between kin 47 and 214). Also notice that while the Transit occurs on kin 9, the re-emergence of Venus as morning star (Lord of the Dawn) occurs 4 days later on kin 13, recapitulating the prophecy cycles of 9 and 13 calendar rounds.

A final word on these synchronizations concerns the correlation of the Aztec civil year of 365 days to that of the Classic Maya, and the connection to a prophetic stream originating 25,000 years ago. While the Aztecs and Classic Maya both utilized the same traditional day-count of the Tzolkin, they observed the beginning of the 365-day cycle at different times of the year. The 1st day of the Aztec year (1 Izcalli) is correlated to the day 7 Yax of the Classic Maya year. This means that an Aztec year 1 Reed will always begin with 6 Ix on the 168th day of an 8 Manik Classic Maya year. Notice again the connection of the occult pair 6 Ix and 8 Manik (kin 47). As for the number 168 (= 28 x 6 = 21 x 8, etc.), this is the key to an advanced numerical conception of time originating with primal Homo Sapiens 25,000 years ago, synchronized specifically to the eclipse cycles 2010-2012 (see previous Eclipse article), as well as Votan’s newly emerging “Synchronic Matrix” of the 441 Cube.

A look at special factors of the occult pair 214 / 47:


Kin 214 is tone 6, tribe 14.

(6 x 14) x 2 = 168


Kin 47 is tone 8, tribe 7

(8 x 7) x 3 = 168


This is a very brief essay of a vast frontier we are only beginning to explore. I offer it today, with all my gratitude, in honor of all the Rhythmic Wizards, past present future, that remain true to the natural cycles of harmony, that listen intently to the timeless heartbeats of our Mother Earth, receiving her messages of peace and equality, and re-enchant the timespace of our lost eternity with the rainbow dreaming of a new galactic order.


Mitakuye Oyasin!

Make ready the return of the Lord of the Dawn!


-kin 081

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  1. Hello there. My name is Brittany. I am a white rhythmic wizard, I discovered this a few days ago. I’ve recently been greatly compelled out of what seemed to be nowhere in specific, to apparently research all I can about my mayan birth chart. If you have any insight you’d be willing to share, I would gratefully accept with an open heart. Blessings and thanks!

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