Another great morning on Planet Earth…

Today we activate our connection with Spirit thru witnessing how yesterdays abundance chooses to focus with others on our highest potential for harmony… Feeling the beauty of our planet and sharing these feelings, so that our conversations and connections centre on the most positive of what is possible… To feel the beauty of nature, to activate that nature and the spirit, oxygen, breath that runs through that greenery, as it runs through us, activating the spirit of the plants and ourselves through seeing and feeling the levity of the spirit running up the plant from the Earths dreaming to reach to the stars…

Todays support is Electric Eagle guided by the Storm in the cycle of the Skywalker… Activating our capacity to see the energetic auras of the plants and each other as the levity of spirit awakens us, as we reach for the stars… Look to the auras of living things, people, plants, animals and in the looking is the activation of the energy moving… the energy in motion – e-motion… Today is a day of feeling and activating our greatest potential through enthusing the breath of life, the breath of spirit into the harmonic grid of all of consciousness…

The challenge that strengthens today is Electric Wizard guided by the Mirror in the wavespell of the Human… Just as the levity today will lift us and allow as to bond to spirit and activate, so the gravity of the downward motion of the gift of the seed falling from the tree to embed deeply into Mothers Earth to receive he nourishment to again rise to its full potential, activated by the dreaming of abundance for all beings that is held in the dreaming womb of Gaia,… So our choice to ground our accomplishments, activativing receptivity to multidimensional  energies to nourish the new birthing of humanity from the truths of the most wise of our ancestors…. truths that encompass the wisdom of aligning our choices, our free will to the will of spirit… It appears we have choice to be receptive mirrors, reflecting upon those most wise of humanity who chose to bond with spirit, aligning free will again and again, with the will of spirit…

The gift we receive today is Spectral Earth in the wavespell of the Hand… To free up healing for the Earth, as we witness the energy moving through our planets living gifts, plants, animals, people, so we are co-creating healing for the Earth… To see is to be a willing participant in the greatest potential we can share with each other and our beloved Mother Gaia… Activating and liberating our capacity to listen and to see where the healing is needed, where spirit needs to travel in order to release all need of individual accomplishment and in this accomplish so much…. Such beauty this paradox called Life!!!

Beloveds enjoy the day and look to others and see the spirit activating, look to the plants and as you see and become aware of their spirit, they will in turn see yours and of course the animals who are always willing pariticipants in the symbiotic relationship of co-creation… A blessed day, a blessed life we live in this ongoing divinity of awakening to the New Time!!!!


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    1. Hey Marjon… yes the codes definately inform us of the r-evolution… feel free to add any revelations as they come thru Planetary Serpent… big love

  1. Dear Vasumi,
    thank u very much for the translation of the vibrational frequencies into how they manifest in our inner feelings. I use your translations a lot for a better understanding of the tzol’KIN’s.
    Yours sincerely,
    (bolon akbal / KIN243)

    love, peace and harmony

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