Today is Blue Solar Night… A day we are pulsed by what is lying in the unconscious, underneath what is immediately obvious, reconnecting to our dreams, the dreams that have pulsed us towards the greatest visions that have pulsed us forward… The dreaming realms are pulsing us… Our in-tuition is pulsing realisations that catalyse all for change and transformation… The intention is set today to allow an abundance of energy to be pulsed in order to transform all into our wildest dreams…

The support energy of today is Yellow Solar Warrior, guided by the Human, in the wavespell of the Star… We are supported today by realizing that we can fearlessly choose to follow the dreams that pulse us to the greatest harmony…

The challenge that strengthens this day is Red Solar Skywalker, guided by the Moon, in the wavespell of the Serpent… To be pulsed by spirit to expand the life force into the stars with all antennae finely attuned to the flow of that exploration… To allow the expression to be purely, sensitively pulsing from the base chakra, our survival being realized by our expansion into the skies and allowing the intended flow of energy to act as a feedback pulse of energy that then fuels our dreams, to reveal to us what must shift in order for the dreams of our planet of abundance for all beings, te be realized…

The hidden gift that we receive today, from realizing our dreams and allowing all the energy from the past dreams to surface, is White Overtone Mirror, guided by the Worldbridger, in the wavespell of the Wizard… The power of reflecting upon all that has been received, the power of open receptivity to the endless hall of mirrors, the endless order of consciousness that is reflecting all the dreams of humanity to come into realization,,, To take command of surrendering to the truth of ourselves as interdimensional timeless beings, to command the sword that cuts away all that holds us back from passing between the worlds… to empower us to reflect the truth of what it is to surrender completely and take the step through the doorway into the realization of our dreams… Noticing the patterns that held us back, and giving a clean swipe to release those patterns as they become crystal clear…

A great decree to help with the release of patterns that no longer serve us is –

“By divine decree
In the name of the God Presence I Am
I now release through all time, space and dimension
Any vows, contracts or agreements
I or any Soul extensions may have made
Around ……. (fill in whatever patterns you observe within yourself that hold you back from realizing the dreams and visions that are pulsed through you)
And I ask for full support
From all beings of the purest love and light
To assist me with this NOW!
And so be it!
Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be
And Thankyou”

The greater reverence and meditative intent you put into this prayer, the greater will be the outcome… Now is the time to release old programmes that no longer serve us as we travel into the New Time, unburdened by the programmes of the old paradigm, fearlessly realizing the Greater Visions that we have come here for…

Blessed be dear hearts and thankyou for all you do and clear in the name of the New Time that serves our childrens childrens children…


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