Today we ground the birthing of the new, through anchoring into the breath… as a new born emerging from the womb, the breath is the key to life, and through the intake of oxygen we are opening the channel to anchoring multidimensional life…

Be conscious of your breath today… dance, sing and communicate in order to find a deep grounded connection within the physical realm…

Today we are supported by Red Lunar Earth, guided by the Moon, in the wavespell of the Warrior… To listen deeply for the flow of synchronicities to reveal our path… The Earth herself will be sharing the clues of the perfect timing of the flow, enabling navigation of our path… Purify ourselves in the waters so that we are cleansed and available to listen for the perfect timing of our actions…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Yellow Lunar Human, guided by the Seed, in the wavespell of the Monkey… To trust and be guided by the plants, herbs and foods that bring us wisdom… To choose to focus on the food as medicine that brings more light, magic and joy into our lives… The blessings of nature that heighten our frequency allowing us to lighten ourselves and allow the new to be of the highest potential… The ancient wisdom of the plant kingdom can be received through trusting the messages that are delivered through nature… Listen for the magic!

Todays hidden gift is Blue Crystal Storm, guided by the Monkey, in the wavespell of the Star… Collective mind catalysing change by understanding the itself as part of a  harmonic grid of consciousness… Trusting the chaos of change by playing with the patterns of consciousness together and in turn generating more energy to celebrate the beauty of our place as part of the natural harmonic of transforming our minds from the outmoded patterns of a tired old paradigm to the harmonic sparkle of the patterns of the New Time…

So blessed hearts, enjoy the beauty of the birthing on this day, listen and ingest the food and oxygen that heightens our connection to the natural world which encompasses the multidimensions that are here to support the birthing of the New Time!


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  1. Thank you for your daily posts! It really helps me to connect all the information from the Mayan Calendar.
    Tomorrow is a special day for me professionally and I’ll be thinking about your words.

    Yellow Resonant Star sends love and good vibes to you!!

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