Good Morning Planetary Kin…

So today we activate the dreaming, what is underneath the apparent, the collective unconscious that yearns for healing in order to birth… The energy of birthing here comes into motion, the deeper in-tuition is stirred into action by a drive to accomplish birth, to serve the birthing, to bond with the action of nurturing thru intuitively aligning to what is needed… to follow the intuition that is connected to the dreaming of our great mother Gaia, the intuition that is guided to heal, accomplish and know what to do as naturally as surrendering to the right order of a baby being born…

Todays support is Yellow Electric Warrior, guided by the Sun, in the wavespell of the Wizard… To serve and activate a timeless state of being, thru quest-i-on-ing all emotion as to whether its energy is guided by an alignment to Source or not… to activate emotional intelligence by fearlessly serving the timeless receptivity by being guided by our emotional in-deep-end-dance… The perfect guide to the birthing process, the energy that is on the quest to find its emotional independance and does not need anything from another other than to serve and bond by being receptive and open.

The challenge that strengthens is Red Electric Skywalker, guided by the Earth, in the wavespell of the Monkey… To express emotion in perfect timing, as it comes, in order to explore and expand the trust of the natural timing of energy in motion (emotion)…  Bonding with the simple magic of being in perfect timing as an expression (in whatever form) and expansion of our Mother Gaias birthing… All emotion expressed with the innosence of its arisal serves by synchronising joy, pure expression of magic…

The hidden gift of today is White Spectral Mirror, in the wavespell of the Star… To release all control and allow the energy to align perfectly into its place in the matrix of perfect order.. to draw the sword to cut away all emotional chains that would hamper the beauty and harmony of the birthing process of the Mother… To dissolve all that does not reflect the perfect endless order of the hall of mirrors of the birthing canal… All energy is liberated into right order… let the contractions begin!

So beloveds dive deep today to cut away all excess emotional attachment that does not serve the greater birthing, we heal what lays in our collective uncounscious as we dare to dream the birthing of the New Time… Dive deep, sleep if you need to, dream and serve the Mother… which of course serves the self and all…


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  1. to know what to do as naturally as surrendering to the right order of a baby being born ~~~ thank you for reminding me that Mother Earth is in the birthing process and we are in transition. As a planetary midwife, now galactic midwife I know that women (I) can forget that during the process of birth, through its challenges we can forget that we are birthing a baby!! We are birthing a New Earth and that is the same thing. In Lake’ch
    Katy O’Leary
    San Francisco Bay Area

    1. Thankyou Katy… just going through to read the comments to my blog… I am on a train from Sacramento to Santa Cruz and then heading up to San Francisco this weekend if you are around… I will be… my email is if you would like to connect… bless

  2. beauty emanates….evoking sweet memories of re-membering….note….Yellow Cosmic Sun is Guided by yellow Cosmic Seed….4:7::7:13…..kin #260 guided by the enduring , trancending presence of targeting flowering and awareness….guided by the yellow cosmic star….the last day of the yellow castle before we enter into the green castle on the magnetic moon (209) culminated by the 13 sun (260)….mahalo for gifting this beautiful blog, blessings and in lak’ech….kin 4 guided by kin 160….4 sun….<3

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