Todays energy is the transcendental faze of birthing, deeply connected and guided by the Earth and her cycles and synchronicities, we are able to hold presence in our expansion and exploration of the cosmos…

We are supported today by White Cosmic Worldbridger, guided by the Dog, in the wavespell of the Wizard… As anchored receptive presence, guided by our hearts we can be surrendered enough to pass from world to world to world, initiating openings to deeper and higher levels of initation of connecting the many worlds through love…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Cosmic Night guided by the Hand, in the wavespell of the Monkey… To be in magical presence, trusting the depth of healing that is occurring in the collective unconscious…

The hidden gift today is Yellow Magnetic Star… So we reach the end of the beginning, where we truly have been galactivating and attracting and co-creating the Harmonic Matrix anew… A day where the hidden gift is one of pure co-creative harmony, where everything slots into place… Pure beauty and harmony, can you feel it! Divine!

So beloveds have a beautiful and easy day in pure presence of expanded harmony, in the birthing of the New Time!


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  1. Wow the last few days have been intense the tide is rising and the flow is fast and getting stronger. Today I had the best meditation ive had to date, plug in to this pulse people!

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