Good Morning Planetary Kin…

Today we are pulsed by Spirit, anchoring the truths that cut away any untruths… Reflecting directly the teachings that are channeled from the expanded realms of consciousness… Communicating  all that emits as a reflection of the endless order of consciousness… the sacred geometric forms of pure order channeling thru us today… Assisting us to realise ourselves as channels of truth anchoring multidimensional realms and the Spirit messages available therein… Setting the intention to open and receive the highest truths of Spirit…

We are supported in this by Red Solar Earth, guided by the Skywalker, in the wavespell of the Moon… To listen to the expanded cosmic realms that we have explored… To allow our spiritual antennae to open to the expansiveness of the skies and navigate the synchronicities that expand us further… being pulsed to expand, explore, navigate in order to realise the ever expanding flow of consciousness, setting the intention to purify…

The challenge that strengthens today is Yellow Solar Human, guided by the Star, in the wavespell of the Seed… To have the wisdom to choose harmony in order to realise our greatest potential… To call on the ancestors who did the same, and to look to those that did and realise their choices allowed us to pulse further into realising the New Time…

The hidden gift today is Blue Overtone Storm, guided by the Hand, in the wavespell of the Eagle… The powerful visions that catalyse healing and accomplishment… The radiance of pure energy available to the creative mind that commands solutions that bring change and healing to our planet and our cell-ves…

So blessed hearts enjoy this day, in Maya called Bolon Ik… The highest teaching temple in Palenque is the Bolon Iks Palace, and it was the place where the greatest teachings were received and shared…. The pure reception of higher truths, channeled through in order to anchor the greatest access to the higher dimensions, so be open today, receive, navigate the wind and the messages she has for you today and allow the ancestral wisdom to give us the solutions that bring change and healing to our planet…

Blessed be and so mote it be…


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  1. Thankyou….Vasumi….

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