Hola Kin Planetario…

So what an amazing day was the Solar Star…

A group of 16 women at Calakmul in Campeche in south of Mexico… Calakmul is an ancient Mayan site of temple structures that house an incredible temple that anchors the ancestors and connects to the 20 Suns in the centre of the Earth… Today we did a deep meditation anchoring into the Sun in the centre of the EArth – the 1st Sun; then to the Sun in the centre of our Hearts – the 2nd Sun; then the 3rd Sun, our Solar centre; the 4th Sun, Hunab Ku in the centre of the Pleides, Alcyone; and then the 5th Great Central Sun, or Universal Centre…. The meditation was very powerful and it felt like the 5th Sun got anchored down into our hearts, denoting the time of the 5th Sun… Anyone else out there have similar experiences, it was very powerful for us and then when we opened our eyes there was a group of 13 Eagles close above us in the trees…

During the meditation I called in all being on the planet who were ready to shift in their hearts from the 4th to the 5th Sun… It felt to me that now all the wisdom that is held in the centre of the Earth will now be brought to the surface and into the hearts of humanity… as we move from the 4th dimension and awakening our time light consciousness, to the 5th dimension of Christ Consciousness and unconditional love…

It also felt like there could now be true peace between humanity and all creatures of the planet and this was reflected to me through telepathic communication with one of the Eagles that were there as I climbed to the top of the ancestral temple to transmit my heart to all of creation…

I send huge gratitude to Qala Sri Ama www.qalasriama.com for channeling this work through, and for her courage, strength and loving heart in opening her being to guiding us all in these deep initiations…

I would love to hear of others experiences on this day of Oct 28, Yellow Solar Star…

blessed be, blessed be, blessed be…


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  1. Samarpan calling

    this is very interesting for me
    around 2pm my time, Oz, a very strong nuclear centered fire started in my heart
    It continued in an uncomfortable way until i slept around 4am
    It is still feeling uncomfortable ….. but it is easing
    I am committed to surrender and soften to all shifts
    I am committed to defer from easy cop out name and form “sad sad story of me” explanations of all these intense phenomenon

    I am relishing your wonderful words

    Fly with the eagles
    fly with the Condors
    be all their illumined perspective
    ray their light like a prism back to us

    hugs love light

    1. Love you dear brother as I am on a train from Nevada City to Santa Cruz in Cali… Feel you in my heart and love your willingness to surrender to the New Time… bless

  2. In Lak’ech Vasumi Kin
    My experience on Solar Star was shared by all the members of our home in the Melbourne hills. We sat in meditation with the intention to bathe the technospheric centres of London, Rome and Washington DC with soundwaves and soul light.

    Entering our trance after thorough cleansing and grounding protection we joined in transforming the darkness, directing our attention to each centre in turn. These are the insights I received:
    London got a flash of white light horizontally across the centre, which seperated what was above from that below, dropping the heavy energies down into the earth plane where they were converted like compost and liberating the astral energies into the noosphere/radiation belts where they were burned up and transmuted. With all controllers confined to this chasm they may no longer perpetuate suffering, are devoid of any energy upon which to access and feed, and their only option available is to act in accordance with assisting planetary humanity.
    Rome had a very dense frequency, with much build up of deliberate spiritual interference requiring very deep throat toning to shift. The focus here is on every ally that frequency being brought irrevocably into their hearts, to be enmeshed in complete mind-heart-sacral awareness and to recognise beyond any measure of resistance that every being alive deserves unconditional love, that all hearts are each a part of the one and that all judgment based on doctrine or creed has no righteous conviction and carries no consequence.
    Washington DC required a realisation for the centre to transform into right-relationship to the inherent responsibility to release the ways of conquest and control; to recognise the fact that it is the time of great change and to discontinue all interference with the freedom and pursuits of any other nation. Instead it is made clear that their attention is required to attend to their own activity involvement in the radical renewal of natural lifestyles pursued with wholesome pride.

    With each centre thus transformed by our ritualised intent we remained united though that circle was formally closed. Thanking you and the inspiration you serve to encourage this sharing.

    In love,

    1. Oh Even… Just having the time to reply to this wonderful sharing… THANKYOU so much for sharing and all the Melbourne kin for working so strongly for the Planet and all of life…
      Love you loads and am now in California heading from Nevada City to Santa Cruz to meet a man that holds many keys for me I feel… a cosmic ride and great meetings are happening on this wonderful journey…
      Love you loads and look forward to connecting on my return… Where will you be for New Year?
      In lake’ch dear heart

  3. Aloha Beauties,

    WoW Sounds Wonder-Filled!! Beaming in & Resonating deeply with you…
    My Heart & Being were on Fire & Vibrating my cells to high heaven.Solar Sun Anchoring in .All day of 27th Uk time… 28th Aussie..I have also seen quiet a few Eagles over here. My vista in the UK not so Amazing as yours…Yet finding the Magic & Mystery flowing & showing me signs …….. Shining my Heart light on the Grey & Oh so British moment i find myself dancing in 🙂 Blessings of Blissings xoxox

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