Happy 11-11-11. I’m feeling very peaceful and heart-centered. I hope you are too.

As I sit in my living room, viewing beautiful Mt Shasta on 11-11-11, I’m inspired to share a vision that I had not too long ago. It was very clear and incredibly beautiful.

I’m going to express this vision in present tense (as opposed to “I saw”) because I’m being guided to share it this way.

Here goes:
Everyone on the planet instantly gets their memories back and we all remember that we are Divine beings. We realize that we all created this together and that we all volunteered to play certain roles. The remembering is instant and complete (not just on an intellectual level).

We all recognize each other as old soul buddy friends. Those that were playing the role of the poor, victims so well, hunched over and begging, instantly stand up straight and remember that they were just playing a part. We all wake up and look around at each other, seeing through new eyes, eyes that only see each other’s Divinity, our True Essential Selves.

Everyone instantly has confidence and full awareness. We all have a good laugh and start dividing up all of the goods, foods and luxuries. The rich distribute their excess wealth and belongings, sharing everything with their “friends” (which is everyone). No one owns anything, as there is no need. We all share and give each other whatever we want, as family would, because we all are family.

There is no money, as everyone is taking care of each other and making sure that everyone has what they want and need. All hearts are open, kind, generous, receptive and free.

Those that are experts in clean energy begin producing solar panels for everyone else, those that grow food, give it away and everyone contributes their expertise to be sure that everyone is taken care of. Those that were experiencing sickness or physical pain are healed and loved back to perfect health.

We all know that Mother Earth, Gaia is a living being and we treat her with love and respect. We become the stewards that we originally intended to be. We love her and heal her. We are so grateful to her. We see animals as the teachers and love beings that they are. We look into their eyes and love them and know they are conscious and aware too. We see the trees and rocks and water as the living beings that they are. We communicate with them all. We are conscious. We are all friends.

There is no more drama. Peace isn’t even a word, it’s a GIVEN. Of course! We just forgot for a while, that’s all. Many of us got too wrapped up playing our parts, so we had to do something dramatic to help everyone remember. So we did.

Now, there is a completely different way of living and being. Nothing is taking too seriously and everyone is happy and light. There is joy, laughter, love, abundance and BLISS everywhere, for every being.  AND SO IT IS.

I’m sensing that it would be very healing and powerful for all of us to feel and bring this vision into our cells. To really experience it, to expand on it, to BE it.  Done.

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