Blessed be Planetary Kin…

This day marks 260 days, one bEarthing cycle, since the ascension of Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles, March 22, 2011… Although he left the physical dimension, we feel his presence ever more tangible for the liberation of the mighty frequency he held as a being, that is now available for us all to keep expanding and becoming more free to feel the heightened frequencies of the Harmonic Matrices which he uncovered for the New Time…

I give immense thanks and gratitude for the grace bestowed to carry this work of the synchronic order forward along with all the kin on the planet who have been galactivated and know their places as the messengers of this New Time work…

I give immense thanks and gratitude to Stephanie South, the Red Queen for being the one to carry forth the teachings and to step into the anchoring role of carrying these works forward on this physical as well as many other dimensions, and for being the guiding light into the New Time…

I give immense thanks and gratitude to Lloydine Arguelles/Burriss for her wonderful service to our planet in standing with Jose through the years as he received these codes…

And mostly on this day, I give immense gratitude and thanks to and for Jose and his diligent walk on this planet, amid many obstacles to keep showing up, as he knew he must, in order to anchor this work on the planet as the primary Messenger of the New Time, at the end of the cycle – you have been the portal through which we are all able to pass into the heightened multi-dimensional consciousness that we were all born to reclaim as our starry bEarthright…

You are the doorway

the ever expanding galactic mind of awakening

spiraling through the patterns of cosmic stardust

to reveal the most direct ways home and beyond

walking the Solar Rays of the Rainbow Bridge

we are eternally grateful for your dedication

to our children

and their children

and their children

and their children

for 7 generations and beyond

through synchronised intent we come to know the glory of this Earth

in the pure harmony that she has been dreaming us all along

Thankyou for lighting our path and showing the way…

Blessed be dear brother, teacher and friend

for the divine and cosmic simplicity of your very last message – LOVE EVERYONE

And on the eve of 2012 when the whole world is poised to experience the great unknown

I can only humbly fall to my knees and weep at the wonder of your spectacular dedication

And after many tests of the old mind, it finally comes to rest

surrendering fully to trust the synchronic order

as it reveals our ongoing planetary ascension into the Fifth Sun

It is already done, It is done, It is done

By divine decree, It is done.


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