Today is the 3rd day of the Mirror wavespell… And today we shine our mirrors by activating emotional independence guided by the urge to co-create with others… This in turn activates our capacity to be true with each other, to get down to brass tacks of what is real, as it is only thru honouring our own feelings that we can come together with others and truly focus on the potential of creating together… A great day to bond with others in service to what is truly needed for our ongoing survival, stripping away all else but the basic building blocks, our true independent shining lights…

Todays support is Blue Electric Storm, guided by the Night, in the wavespell of the Earth… Guided by our in-tuition that is connected deeply to the dreaming of our Mother Earth, to catalyse change, to allow the transformation of our emotional bodies to come more into alignment with the cycles of the Gaia, to navigate our evolution as one body connected in the dream…

Todays challenge that strengthens is White Electric Dog, guided by the Wizard, in the wavespell of the Star… To serve the through a loving receptivity to the shadow… Feeling all that does not want to be seen, and through feeling it allowing it to come into the timeless love of the harmonic matrix… Becoming wholly emotional receptive to feeling the geometries of consciousness by being lovingly receptive to nature and the eternal beauty of creation she is, that encompasses all of life… Have you seen the action of the Eagle killing the rabbit, this also is of the harmonic matrix of all of life ‘and death’… Knowing that each death is but a passing from one dimension into another… Feeling one with nature and receiving from her the very essence of creative activation…

Todays hidden gift is Red Spectral Dragon, self guided, in the wavespell of the Monkey… Freeing up the magic by becoming emotionally response-able for releasing all that we feel, whether it be ‘ours’ or not… The more we are open to magic and joy, the more we take on what we feel as ours… No more side stepping and going ‘ooo someone here is carrying negative energy’ if you feel it, it is yours to work with, and in the process we can clear it all for the collective… If you feel it, then inside you have the capacity to clear it, as you are triggered by it… In this way we clear everything so much faster, and NOW is the time for this! This is the Law of Reflection of our beloved Mirror wavespell!

So beloved hearts… Enjoy this day and the opportunity to feel in a deep way and by shining our light and love on the mirror of our own reflections, so all our mirrors may become shiny and bright and prepared to co-create the New Time!


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  1. Wow, i really felt this deeply today.. and saw the most outrageously incredible sunset of all (my) time. So intensly golden (electric yellow) that I was sure the sky was about to open up and all would be revealed (or no longer possible to hide).. then when the sun set below the horizon it sucked the colours (and an amazing rainbow) down with it, the clouds turned silvery grey for a moment, then exploded out with colour again that reached across the whole sky & the white light on the horizon was so bright it looked as though the sun was about to rise again. I kept thinking ‘wow, this is it, its happening, we’re rebirthing right Now’.. which i guess we are, each moment.

    (Red Overtone Dragon)

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