In response to a subscriber, here is the formula for the oracles that I have decoded in the Daily posts… Here we will look at the energy of Red Planetary Dragon

To find the guide is easy, it just requires some calculations… All Magnetic (1), Rhythmic (6) and Spectral (11) tones are self-guided, and then you just count 13 glyphs from there, either forward or back, in the order of 20 glyphs, to find the guides of each next kin… The exception is from the Cosmic (13) Tone of one Wavespell (13-day cycle) to the Magnetic (1) Tone of the next Wavespell, as that shifts the pattern each wavespell, and again Magnetic (1) is self-guided… Any decoding apps or mechanisms will always give the guide, but that is the calculation…

To find the support/analog energy the formula is – The days glyph number + ? = 19    eg. (Dragon) 1 + (Mirror) 18 = 19   and then I simply talk about that support energy in its entirety (eg. with its guide and wavespell). The support holds the same tone as the days glyph or kin… So the support energy of Red Planetary Dragon is White Planetary Mirror.

To find the challenge/antipode energy the formula is – The days glyph number + 10    eg. (Dragon) 1 + 10 = (Monkey) 11   I then talk simply about the challenge energy in its entirety as it also has the same tone as the day glyph or kin… So the challenge energy for Red Planetary Dragon is Blue Planetary Monkey.

To find the hidden gift/occult energy the formula is – The days glyph + ? = 21    eg. (Dragon) 1 + (Sun) 20 = 21   This is the only kin in the oracle which carries a different tone and the formula for the tone of the hidden gift is – The days tone + ? = 14   eg. (Planetary) 10 + (SelfExisting) 4 = 14… so the hidden gift is Yellow SelfExisting Sun

To find the wavespell of each kin… etc for Yellow SelfExisting Sun… SelfExisting is 4, so you just count back 4 glyphs to arrive to the glyph aligning with the Magnetic tone which names the wavespell… so in that case it is Red Earth Wavespell

These are all very simple equations and the major factor to get through is that it is complicated… This is the disharmonic programming of the major paradigm, making us think the simplest equations are complex, because basically our present model of time is complex (12 month calendar holding months of unequal measure)… This system is not like that, it follows logical pattern and allows our minds to measure the harmony… So release your maths teacher! Receive this with the eyes and mind of a child, and allow this to reveal its simple beauty! It makes sense!!!

On the Law of Time website it is explained here, minus the equations above…

You can also order the 13 Moon Synchro-Journal each year to go deeper into these teachings… Or feel free to invite me or another teacher to come and share a workshop, as we do travel extensively to share this work…

Blessed be to all

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  1. I really like this way of relating to days by this kind of feeling and being I am interested in learning more 🙂 love kay. . . Kin 113, Red solar skywalker

    1. Hi Kay… Perhaps you are the key to setting up an online class, would that interest you… Or perhaps a personal session… love to hear your feedback…
      bless Vasumi Kin 71 Blue Rhythmic Monkey

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