Hallelujah for the Blue Monkey Tribe as we jump for joy at the beginning of this playful cycle of magic… Everything now in order? Now tis time to play with the magic and create the world we want to live in… Allow your imagination to run wild as you connect with all the most magical beings you can imagine and then allow for them to be there… Tis time to push the boundaries of illusion, and injoy the creation of untold realities… It’s not true? Who says? and on whose authority?… Tis my authority that says it IS so! because I imagine it to be so! Oh the beauty of this divine play!!!

We are supported in this by Yellow Magnetic Star, self guided… Ah the beauty, the divine wonder of the harmonic geometries of the natural world… The elegant artistry of nature, the faeries, the elvin folk and oh so many more just beyond the veils in the Great Mystery… Draw them in and re-member the play!!!

Todays challenge that strengthens is Red Magnetic Dragon, self guided… Drawing in with your ability to respond to initiating the new… Allowing the bEarth of the New Time…

Todays hidden gift is yesterdays kin, White Cosmic Dog, guided by the Wizard, in the wavespell of the Mirror… As we e-merge from the toroidal donut-like centre of the void, we are the dolphins jumping in joy… Yet it is the capacity to be one with all there is, including the multi-dimensions that ultimately leads to ultimate JOY… Releasing all fear, jumping for PURE JOY!!!!!

Crystals at the ready

magic circle cast

calling all beings of purest love and light

to the ceremony of Magical deLight!

Blessed be beloved children

of Great Mystery

tis Time to truly play!!!


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