February 29.2016

On the leap year day of the Gregorian Calendar, we have an opportunity to celebrate one of the 13 days every 52 years that mark the alignment of a day dedicated to Galactic Centre… A day that re-aligns the yearly orbit of the Earth around the Sun of 365.25 days that over 52 years marks one 13-day wavespell…

On this day we align from midnight tlll noon with the Blue Rhythmic Monkey from the day before, and from noon to midnight with Yellow Electric Human which will carry on thru the next day…

As the Dreamspell is the New Time dispensation, this assists to re-align our minds into the harmonic matrix from the discordant Gregorian Calendar of 12 months of varying measure, eventually we shall address the .25 days with one full wavespell of 13 days (one wavespell) every 52 years, which will align with the 260 day harmonic module in perfection…
At this time we will address the disorder of the old power-over matrix with a day dedicated to 0.0 Hunab Ku and return to base zero for this day of February 29…

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  1. Oh dear….. it’s a no day?? not a day out of time…a no day??
    base zero…..OK my journal is not gonna like this!!
    Only 10 mins of monkey left!! Gonna go play in the rain now!!

  2. Vasumi, where is the rest of the post…?? Why return to base 0 on Feb.29? I was hoping to read a new explanation. 🙂

  3. Me and my family are not much aware of what Hunab Ku was and I realized oh its similar to the leap year every 4 years on some mayan 13 moon calendars. Thanks for this information anyway!

    1. Hi there… Just seeing your message… Hunab Ku is like creator, creation, galactic centre from where all springs from and returns, a portal into and out of this galaxy… blessed day to you xx

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