Good Morning Planetary Kin…
So today is the 10th day of the super receptive timeless Wizard wavespell… Today receptivity is perfected through our capacity to trust that we receive all that we need to furnish the dreaming of ‘abundance for all beings’ reflected in our own lives and our physical needs being met… It is for us to manifest the deepest receptivity by imagining all our dreams coming true, working the magic!
We are supported today by Yellow Planetary Warrior, guided by the Seed, in the Hand wavespell… To manifest by fearlessly co-creating the healing that perfects our accomplishments…
Todays challenge that strengthens is Red Planetary Skywalker, guided by the Dragon, in the Seed wavespell… To perfect the manifestation of co-creating the new time, by going out and exploring in the physical world to see where our capacity to take responsibility can take root…
Todays hidden gift is White SelfExisting Mirror, guided by the Wizard, in the Eagle wavespell… To define the greater picture by how well it anchors the pure reflection of the sword of truth… Open and receptive to perfecting the patterns that reflect the endless order of alignment with the harmonic matrix..
So beloveds enjoy trusting your intuition today and allow the manifestations to be perfected and anchored in our planetary dreaming body…
blessed be dear hearts

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  1. Thank you so much for continuously posting these =)
    They’re such a great help to continuously trust that all aspects of this life are in divine alignment with the great work.
    Thank you again, and blessings to you and yours!

  2. Thankyou dear heart… Is always wonderful to receive appreciation for this passion… My daily discipline that allows my life to stay aligned to the greater harmonic matrix… bless

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