Weave the WEB!
Weave the WEB!

Happy bEarthday Kavi!!!

(for the many that read this and get the drift but do not understand the codes, you can skip the codes as they are all in GREEN) and just read the frequencies as they appear today through my experience, trust your experience primarily is the key, and if it is similar to mine, fantastic, and if it is not fantastic, I have been a trigger for you to quest-i-on!)

So today is the second day of the Worldbridger (networking, surrendering, bridging the worlds) wavespell… And what a day it is … I have been invited to something that could very easily be the answer to our planets dreaming of ‘Abundance for ALL beings’ … Empowering the people to reclaim our human rights on our planet… This thing could be bigger than facebook that all can benefit from  in so many… It is free to join and has built a buzz of potential in my being, not to mention across the net… check the video here http://getmobi.biz/r/team.php?lovevasumi@yahoo.com and let me know if you would like to be invited to join the Wave Spell! The potential of this is amazing and my body is fairly buzzing with the possibilities for all and our planet, today on EARTH DAY!

So today is Blue Lunar Hand, guided by the Storm… This energy operates on the physical plane and my hands have been moving like a storm across this keyboard this morning… Today anchors the challenge to bridge many worlds, to kin-nect and open the portals from world to world to world… Can’t wait for tomorrows Electric buzzzz…

Today is supported by Yellow Lunar Human, guided by the Seed, in the Monkey wavespell… To anchor our capacity to trust by choosing to  focus on the potentials of magic that can be co-created, that can be seeded for all humanity, in ways that honour the indigenous wisdom of our ancestors… To choose to Trust!

Todays challenge that strengthens is Red Lunar Earth, guided by the Moon… To fearlessly flow with the Earths timing – today is EARTH DAY!!! – in order to anchor fearlessness deeper into our collective spirit!

Todays hidden gift is White Crystal Wizard, guided by the WORLDBRIDGER, in the NIGHT wavespell… the Night wavespell is the cycle of ABUNDANCE for all beings and today we are gifted by our capacity to reach out and receive through connecting with many different worlds… To anchor the networks that are the abundance of our planet – there is an abundance of people of our planet and we are the ones we have been waiting for,, so simply show up and participate!!!

I am excited, I am a Monkey, some say that is gullible, some say magical – I know I find great joy in trusting the capacity of networking to bring all the rewards that ensure EVERY human being has their needs met… Again watch the video http://getmobi.biz/r/team.php?lovevasumi@yahoo.com and let me know if you would like to show up and participate… it is free and fun and playful and could revolutionise our planet!!!

I love you all and share my excitation, as I have evolved from this mornings deep doubt of this to now feeling wonderfully excited in the most surrendered to outcomes way… I love the joy of this moments infinite possiblities!!! blessed be to all!!! FOR THE CHILDREN! Again Happy bEarthDay Kavi my dear friend turning 7 years old today!!! AND HAPPY EARTH DAY TO ALL!


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