God/dess morning to all you dreamers out there…

Today is the 5th day of the cycle of change… The power of change is born from our dreams… The dreaming that is aligned with the dreaming or spell of our planet, anchored in the crystal core of our Mother Earth… This dreaming or contract being  ‘abundance for all beings’… Every in-tuition and potent prophetic dream is born of this spell that we all carry, however conscious or unconscious we are of it, however deeply we hold our heads in the sand of the collective amnesia that has been overlayed upon us for the last few thousand years at least… Today as Overtone Night, guided by the Monkey, we empower the dreaming by trusting the abundance of magic that is occuring, bringing powerful change in its wake… Because we know it is encoded to happen, it is written as part of the spell… All peoples on this planet will have their needs met, and until that time, we are all compelled to keep on with our missions and fearlessly participate, following our in-tuition and living our dreams powerfully, radiantly and remember to take command in and of the dream…

Today is supported by Yellow Overtone Warrior… The power of fearlessly questioning all that does not support the whole of humanity, all that does not support the greatest wisdom to be chosen on this planet of Free Will… To bring focus on co-creating with influential people in order to get the mission moving… I shall include two pieces at the bottom of this blog, shared by Overtone Warriors and they shall speak of themselves of this fearless energy that supports the power of the dreaming of a transformed reality here on Earth, where abundance for all beings shall be! Should we choose fearlessly to take command!

MOTHERSLOVETodays challenge that strengthens is Red Overtone Skywalker… To take responsibility for the powerful awakening and initiate the purification of our Mother archetype… Surely as long as this primal archetype is kept at the bottom of the rung, nothing can change… Love the mother, all mothers and assist them to care for all that they take on… Take the priest, the politician and the expert off the pulpit, and bend down and listen to the Mother, this is the divine awakening…

Todays hidden gift is White Solar Mirror… To realise the truth that all is connected through all dimensions, through the feminine principle of love, and allow that to ground you into this here and now… To meditate deeply on your role as a connectivity conduit, aligning the heavens into the earth… Reflecting the cosmic truths and grounding them deeply into our planet in support of the constant change that is happening at lightening speed right now… Be present to the truth of the moment and allow love to reveal the inclusivity of all consciousness….

And here as promised, fearless words and works from our Overtone Warrior brothers –

First from Joni in NZ

Dearest the beautiful people of Aotearoa, New Zealand,

I wish to ask you to all please consider very carefully, the two questions below regarding our country’s exciting future opportunities.

Firstly, however, I have a question for our Prime Minister Mr. John key.

Sir, I am asking if you could you please tell me when the people of NZ gave permission for the Government to put a sign up saying “garage sale”, and give our children’s inheritance away? As I believe, they have not and will not.

I feel it seems obviously necessary to remind you sir, that as prime minister, you are a public servant and the people of New Zealand are your employers.

Given the financial basis of our country’s economy is’ fractal reserve banking’ as I am sure you must know being a former merchant banker, this would simply mean our children’s assets would be given away for nothing less than thin air, and I believe we have plenty of that already thank you very much.

In addition, I believe selling any assets is an admission, by default, that there is a very real and obvious absence of actual management.

The last time the people of our land tried to speak to you sir, regarding mining in our national parks and conservation areas, not only did you not answer us we were made to stand outside ‘our house’ of parliament and all over the streets of our country, and we received no reply from you, I feel that is unacceptable.

I would like to ask that you please be there next time we come to speak to you which will be soon, and there is plenty of notice provided for you below.

In addition, sir, could you please explain to me why you believe any tourist would want to sit in a crammed bus in a cold dark hole under the earth to get to Milford sound when they could simply have a much better opportunity to see how beautiful our country really is?

Can we not simply use the army’s large helicopters, paint them bright yellow, and put them to good use by for transporting tourists to Milford sound from a base in Kingston? This could avoid further congestion and noise pollution directly over Queenstown. Alternatively, we could find some private ones.

This may well also avoid finishing planning another protest with international environment groups as a traffic jam, given there is only one road access to the proposed tunnel area I am sure that would be quite exciting. However, would it not be best we put our time and energy into something that produces results, like creating a Traditional Maori art carving school, and carving some waka’s for our lake – Wakatipu, as there seems to be part of that word missing on our lake. There is no waka, just like there is going to be no hole in our mountain.

Anyway, sir I have some good news below, which may also help you get more in touch with the people of our country.

I wish to ask the people of New Zealand the following

I am wondering how would you all feel about our beautiful little piece of paradise, Aotearoa becoming, a World Heritage Nature Reserve, thats just an idea.

More specifically, an international environmental educational sanctuary, for nature and an ecological interactive free energy adventure Playground for children. Protect and enhance our most valuable natural assets – our children and their future.

We could start slow with Te Wai O Ponamu, The South Island.

Look into such concepts as rebuilding Christchurch as the world’s first organic free clean energy city, Which is not only more than possible, (being aware of the stare of the art organic technology available in the world), it would be an ideal place given it could model the old history of New Zealand with the New. However, that is just one option for placement.

Build the world’s first organic university with open age campuses right around the South Island for the research and sustainable development of our most valuable resource for life on this earth – nature, and start teaching and helping our children to become world leaders in the cultural development of environmental and ecological education and sustainability.

Our country could easily be leading this world into the further development of organic science, medicine, technology, education and sustainable food production.
In addition assisting our neighbor’s in the pacific island through interactive education, also helping them establish food and energy sovereignty.

Create a global base of environmental knowledge, skills, technology and practical expertise, so one day maybe the biggest army on our planet can be a green army of spiritual environmentalists giving nature a hand, seeing nature gave us one in the first place.

Like a big school of magic for re learning, the nature of consciousness and most importantly the consciousness of nature and our universe.

Unlock our children’s infinite creative potential by further developing our well out dated educational system, to advance further into the natural sciences such as, metaphysics and quantum physics. Environmental technology . Marine biology – ecology and preservation, food innovation, sustainable marine food production, traditional and natural medicines and the healing arts of wellness, environmental hospitality and eco tourism, spiritual ecology meditation and positive mind control, psychic development Sustainable business integration to organics, permaculture, Environmental action studies, international environmental law. Ecological and sustainable business and Resource management, alternative free and clean energies, to name a few.

We would of course need a submarine or two for the marine biology research and preservation environmental education departments.

Maybe, the rainbow warrior 4 and 5, one could park quite comfortably in Milford sound, although it may look like a giant rainbow trout in a bowl, that is still a better idea than ever thinking about putting a hole through our mountain again. The other one could find a nice cove in the Marlborough sounds or kaikoura and link live for our children to watch and learn about their oceans and marine life.

We would need to look at a free energy transport system for the south Island to allow our all our children to have access to participating in educational tours of their land. Having fun exploring nature and their country as well as playing a more interactive role in their country and their communities after we teach them how to grow food, look after plants and animals, and gain more self-confidence through adventure activities. I thought about a huge waterslide into Lake Wakatipu as one idea, so I have attached a picture of what that could look like, which would be painted green so it would blend into the landscape.

Anyway, this all leads to the second question, and this you can answer if you like while pondering the first,

Who would like to assist or participate in helping organize the final details and plans for Aotearoa New Zealand to host an international conference for the indigenous children of the pacific, specifically for,

Nature and the environment – Technology and energy – Peace and the Environment

Allowing us one week for technology and energy, one week for the environment, One week for the discussion on the philosophy of environmental peace, and one week for a discussion on the creation of a collective organization (like the green army) linking all of our environmental agencies together. This would allow us to have a body that would be able to operate as the people’s representative to the United Nations for the Environment and the sacred spirit of nature.

Bring the environmental and natural experts together from all fields of natural, technological and spiritually ecological sciences to New Zealand. This will allow us to become familiar with all the state of the art environmentally clean free energy and organic technology and knowledge that is available in this world to move us forward, out of the dark ages at the bottom of the world, and help put us all back on top of the world.

The dates and further detail for this conference will be announced publically in two weeks, around the 8th of May. In fairness, this allows for the public and our establishment, to all hear the dates and more details together. Also, allow you some time to get a little bit excited about the opportunities and possibilities there are for our future.

Please forward any expressions of interest to one of the event administrators

Joni@meet.org.nz or Steve@meet.org.nz

No reira, kia kaha, kai u, kia manawanui.
naku noa, na

Kind regards and best wishes

J bridge


And a Human Rights film from Sacha Stone of Humanitad.org about something happening here in Bali… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anjGKzTtvio&feature=em-share_video_user


Blessed be dear ones, I hope this has been as revealing for you as it has been for me, and that we take courage to live the power of our dreams and assist with the change that is necessary on our planet…


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