Yeehaa folks… this morning I cried deeper than I have in a very long time, for sheer relief that our planet is finally looking like the veils are being dropped as Steven Greer, one of the finest warriors I have EVER met, shares in US Congress about UFO bases all over the US and Australia… This is it folks no more dodging whats real, the curtains are drawn… THANKYOU Steven Greer!!!! Overtone Warrior – the power of being fearless in the quest to use ones influence to pierce the lies, and focus on the highest potential for all humanity, our planet and all who sail her!!!!  I AM EXSTATIC… SEE THE VID HERE

WOW what an incredible beginning to this day… Thankyou life!!!

So today is memorable because today we see thru the illusions and it is the final day of the cycle of change!!!! Well that is for sure!!! Piercing the resistances to pure magic, the magic that we know exists on our planet and yet has been denied for so long… Rise up people, the time has come!!! Trust what you see, for now the real work begins to heal our planet, to put into action all the technology that has been hidden for so long, and to get our hands in the Earth and plant, plant, plant….

Today is supported by Yellow Cosmic Star… The presence of the deep wisdom of the beauty of our planet, and our understanding that all meets in the geometries that connect every flower, every plant, every ant and every human in this oh so divine consciousness of harmony… Harmony is what is underlies all our fears, once we have the courage to choose to dive deep enough… This consciousness IS a harmonic matrix!!!

Today is challenged by Red Cosmic Dragon… To be present to the responsibilities that require our immediate action, our immediate instinctive response that ensures access to the purest consciousness… The consciousness that will assist us to purify our planet as we finally pull our head out of the sand to acknowledge what is occurring and set to the work on putting it right!!!

Todays hidden gift is White Magnetic Dog… Unified receptivity to experiencing all in unconditional love, nothing denied, all received, held and loved as part of the one! The divine feminine in all its most attractive glory… Loving the darkness, diving deep into devotion to loving all as one, the darkest, the deepest, that leads to the most divine… Blessed be dear people… We are nearing the end of the old, as we awaken from our sleep, and step forward thru the haze to claim our rightful place in the arms of the mother, pure love, inclusion and HOME!!!


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    1. You to my dear sistar… seems I may be in your neck of the woods in about six weeks… big love to ya, love to catch up outside of festival zone… xxxx

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