Yeehaaa!!! The Monkey cycle begins, gather up your inner child and encourage them to spring into the light of day, in the brightness of joy! Encourage pushing all the boundaries for the sheer fun of it.. Letting go all holds and allow the learning to begin… For without pushing the boundaries we do not know why they are there, and if they are valid then we will learn from our own experience the why of this… So have fun, be care-less and play with the illusion of this world, allow the magic inner child to lead the dance and trust in the divine magic that tells us ‘We can fly, walk on water and dissolve our physical body in an instance!’ Play with the image-ination and see what fun and bursting joyful creativity has for us in this 13-day cycle… Music, theatre, dance, unbound creativity… YeeeHaaa!!!

Also look to the pattern of creation, the tarot, astrology, crystals, the things that allow us to pearce the unseen worlds, as a Monkey will always want to go ‘out there’!

Pre-dawn attracts the creative, the beauty-full… To become one with the elegant design of the natural world, seeking out the elemental realms… Those that are there just beyond the edge of our eyesight… Those realms that vibrate the beauty into the natural world every day in every way… Unify with them and mimic their creations… ah the divine beauty and artful elegance of the star!!!

After sunrise the true essence of the Monkey is felt… The desire to play, to be with the children, to be as a child oneself… Trusting the joy that arises as we play with the edges of illusion…

In the afternoon arrives the Mother that births the new, while caring for all that have needs to attend to… The ability to respond to the moment with a nurturing hand that takes care of the needs in order to allow the child to play with the edge of the illusory magical realities that can be created with pure trust…

Post sunset the deep inclusive energy anchored in the day before arises as the gift for today… The sense of universal family. The gift of the all inclusive anchoring of unconditional love becomes the first step in holding an open energy to push all boundaries in order to lead us inwards to reflect on what is truly real in the depth of our creative unconscious becoming conscious…

So beloveds the beginning of yet another divine journey in this stairway of evolving consciousness… Let us honour the dolphins and the monkeys and attract them deeply into our realities today – In JOY!!!



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