Happy Day Out of Time!!! The 365th day of the Blue Resonant Storm year! A day to celebrate forgiveness on all levels and compassion, to let rest all that happened over the past 365 days, and especially today all that has occurred over the past 5,200 years of the Great Cycle… The last 7 Moons has been a compression of this cycle, as the karma has played itself out full power on the face of our planet over this time… And tomorrow we begin the New Time!


Today all over the planet thousands of kin who have been aligning with this throughout the years will be practising the Rainbow Bridge Meditation, and if anyone only chooses to do this once, make today that day and join in the telepathic wave that activates a Rainbow Bridge from pole to pole of our dear planet, Gaia… See here for the link to the meditation and more info….

Today is a day of inspired dreams accessed through diving deep into the unconscious, where all inspired dreams lay,  deep underneath the fear and terror, sorrow and repressed hurt… Find the courage to go deeper and access those many visions carried by our ancestors that were laid to rest in the face of a paradigm that did not inspire us to dream, that was seeking to colonise and repress… Dive deeper and feel it all and inspire the frozen dreams of abundance for all beings to thaw… Now is the time!

Today we are guided by our far-reaching visions to follow our intuition and listen for the synchronicities that occur to reveal the dreaming of our bloodlines, as handed down from generation to generation… Dreams of a beautiful world, a creative world, a world where we are supported to dream of true abundance for all beings… Dream strong today, for your ancestors, for all those that may still be held captive in the nightmare, dream of harmony for our future generations… And lay those dreams into the tidal wave of meditation that is rolling around our planet today,  envisioning the Rainbow Bridge around the planet, initiating peace and harmony and beauty for ALL beings… Imagine future generations looking to the skies, at the permanent Rainbows that encircle our planet, know that there ancestors dared to collectively dream and create that reality!!!

rainbow bridge

Predawn we may access a fearless creativity, bom of knowing self as love and connected in divine harmony to all that is… As this emerges through the darkness of our early morn, predawn dreaming, it can inspire a deep focus on creating the most beautiful work of art the world has ever seen… A Rainbow Bridge that inspires all to fearlessly love, resonate harmony and hold to unconditional love… The fearless creativity that emerges from our capacity to know ourselves as connected with the web of creation, the telepathic grid of the Earth… One mind, one planet. Our capacity to quest-i-om all that does resonate the connectivity of the harmonic grid that encompasses unconditionally all beings… One love.

From sunrise we are inspired to make sure that our actions serve to purify all that has been, as we inspire the vision of a healed and purified world… Our creative mind is enacted through our hands, inspired by the promise of those divine and far-reaching visions which begin with one action…

This evening loves reflection becomes the only choice… To resonate truth, reflected in the eyes of all those around us as we inspire and are inspired by the endless wisdom which pours from hearts that are true… Resonating as  direct reflection from the heart, inspiring truth guided by love as a way to channel the greatest wisdom… The capacity to have incredibly clear reflections inspired by the choosing to reflect what is underneath the surface… The capacity to go into the shadow energy of what someone may not wish to be seen, with the feminine love and compassion that feels rather than just looks, the gift of being those clear reflections for each other, that we may get inspired anew…This afternoon we find ourselves expressing with the immediate raw passion that resonates healing and inspires action… To channel the expression of raw emotion as pure awakened life force, allows the instinctive expression of that energy to work as a path of healing, and although this may bring bumps to others more gentle moments, ultimately it is another of the tumors of the old paradigm healed…

So today we see that synchronicity attunes us to the intuitive bigger picture or visioning reality… A sense of right time, right place that inspires our connection to the collective subconscious dreaming that is held in the centre of our Mother Earth of abundance for all beings…

Blessed be all planetary beings and enjoy the depth of this miracle we call life and its connectivity in the unseen realms… Enjoy this deep and beautiful day and the completion of the old time… For tomorrow we enter the NEW!!!A wonderful day of telepathy, a lot gets communicated today with no words at all, as all are aligned with the telepathic grid that is so present with us all…. And a last word from our space captain, Jose Arguelles, in honour of this initiation for peace on our planet, Gaia…


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  1. Greetings Dear Reader!

    This is so beautiful.

    Thank you very much indeed.

    In divine freedom
    Lady Shamla Rose

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