She’s healing the wounds of duality. It happens as she transforms into a space of acceptance. 

Her work now is to mend the split that rent her world down the middle. She’s understanding how she’d been dumbed down into playing the dividing game of duality. She too had colluded in the rejection/acceptance drama that she’s been a victim of. 

Not any more. She’s holding the seams with love. Sure, she still holds opinions. But her consciousness has matured to be in peace with everything. Her wisdom is taking her out of fights and conflicts. She’s learning to s-t-r-e-a-c-h every time she reaches the limits of her receptivity. She’s getting better and better with practice. Only that which is fully accepted can be transformed.

Thus she is accessing her mystical powers in holding the whole. She’s becoming the magical couldron that contains the power of transformation, rejuvination and inspiration.

Her reward is the secretion of the universal solvent called Love. A single pure drop of this amrita in her couldron holds the power to create a shining new world. The Creatrix is at work.

Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar

Today is the 13th and last day of the cycle of the heart and understanding the connectedness of all in unconditional love… Today is White Cosmic Wind, being in the pure presence of unconditional love communicating across the worlds… Allowing spirit to channel thru us as we surrender completely to the messages that choose to travel thru us on the breath of the wind… To surrender completely to being the vessel of spirits love… To dance, sing, write and breathe spirits messages from the cosmos into the heart of all things…

Predawn we listen and respond instinctively and in right timing to synchronicities that occur… Listening for the sounds of the winds messages that are directed from the heart of source…

This morning we surrender completely to all emcompassing love, seeing ourselves as the web that connects all of consciousness…

This afternoon we honour ourselves as co-creators in the web of consciusness, choosing to be fearless in revealing our shining presence in order to ignite the matrix. As a wise and intelligent human influenced by the actions of our ancestors, whether they be in detriment or exaltation, the wisdom of our choices has been handed down thru the ages, for us to now choose love instead of fear and know ourselves as co-creators of the New Time!

This evening we magnetise energy that generates change, allowing ourselves to attract change willingly in order to transform the old matrix into the New…

So beloveds a divine day to listen for the spirit messages which can reveal the path of the heart, to write, dance and surrender deeply into the bosom of spirits heart messages – deep meditation in preparedness to embark on the journey into the deep subconscious dreaming we are all here for tomorrow, see you in the dreamtime!


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  1. This spoke truth ti me today yesterday in ozxxwith dinner with friends to top off the Day but i did say no to the Golden crumbed Brains!!!!had them as a child and now no way!! Jose

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